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Dog Loves Best has embarked on a mission to spread information about things such as food, toys, beds, etc dogs are crazy for. We also enlighten pet owners about things such as nail trimming and teeth brushing that dogs hate to do. The information is provided with the aim of prolonging the canine’s life and ensuring that it stays healthy. The data on this website will also help you discover new ways of strengthening the bond between you and your pet dog.

About Dog Loves Best

I founded this website because as a dog-owner myself, questions kept cropping up in my mind and didn’t know who to turn to for the right answers. Growing up I was exposed to cats, and I still like them, but it is not possible for me to keep one because I am allergic to cat litter. Somebody suggested that I adopt a dog instead. After Googling for local adoption information, my first pup arrived home just after a few weeks. Suddenly, I realized I was ignorant and started looking for information online.

But the only information I was able to find was brief starter guides that did very little to throw up more information regarding our canine pals. Though the beginners’ guides did render some help, they failed to prepare me for having my own canine companions, which by now I have two.

Max, a Labrador, was the first one I adopted. He is hyper-active and forever looking to play a game of fetch, regardless of what time of day it is. He is also very affectionate and cannot help stock licking me after I return home after a hard day’s work. Max is 7 years old and there is no toy that he has not succeeded in destroying so far.

When Max turned 2, I adopted Jack, a Great Dane. Jack is a voracious eater and has ways of making it known that he is hungry and needs his breakfast or lunch. He likes to go on long walks, where he relishes the opportunity to bark at fellow canines on street corners. He loves to keep sniffing all the way to check if there is any opportunity to chase a rabbit.


We at Dog Loves Best advocate adopting a dog whenever possible. Besides, key contributors to our website are always ready to volunteer at shelter homes for abandoned pets and help them find a new caring home.

Peter Thielen

Peter Thielen has studied veterinary medicine and is managing editor of DogLovesBest. He loves writing about pets and petcare topics and has worked for several pet-related publications in the past. Peter lives with his family, which also includes two German Shepherds and two feral cats, on a farm in Gainsville, Florida and is passionate about new ideas that can help humans improve the quality of life of their pet companions.

James Wilkinson

James Wilkinson has co-founded DogLovesBest with the objective of offering his insights on how to rear pets better gained over a span of 15 years working as a professional vet. James also used to contribute regularly to several pet publications during his career as a vet before deciding to found his own website. He has also dedicated a portion of his own personal wealth to shelter abandoned animals in Gainesville, Florida and helps in finding a new home for them.

Anna Louis

Anna Louis

Anna Louis is a pet enthusiast and full-time contributor at DogLovesBest. Anna is profoundly interested in products and services that can help to improve the quality of life of pets while also strengthening the bonding they share with owners. She, along with her husband, is raising to two Labradors and three Great Danes. Anna, her family, and the dogs live in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of urban Florida. Anna and her husband also love to spend time at the shelter for abandoned animals that James runs, to care for the distressed animals.

Karen Valenzuela

Karen Valenzuela is a dog trainer from Brooklyn, New York and a freelancer for DogLovesBest. Karen is so much into dogs that she gave up a flourishing career in the banking industry to become a full-time dog trainer. She has estimatedly trained more than 10,000 dogs to correct their behavior, and helped them develop a strong bond with their owners. In her free time, she loves to explore new ways of making the pet canine’s life more interesting and also has the ability of giving those ideas the form of insightful posts.