How to Clean a Dog Bed Without a Removable Cover?

It is highly important to clean a dog bed because

It does not just keep your house away from the threat of the diseases but, also makes sure diseases stay away! Therefore, every pet parent should know how to clean a bed without a removable cover.

I can under how hard it is to clean a dog’s bed who constantly makes his bed dirty now and then. I can literally feel your pain because no matter how much you love your pooch when it comes to cleaning anyone can get easily frustrated.

How to Clean a Dog Bed Without a Removable Cover

Well, now no more. Because I have written some easy ways to clean a dog bed without a removable cover just for you.

I have covered two ways to clean your dog bed that has a non-removable bed cover. Even if you don’t have any pet-friendly detergent at home, you can still clean his bed.

Are you curious to know how? Then let’s get started!

Measures to Clean a Dog Bed With Non-Removable Cover

Measures to Clean a Dog Bed With Non-Removable Cover

We have found two ways to clean a dog bed that is non-removable one with home remedies and another simply using detergent. Both are effective it depends on your choice which works the best for you.

First lets start the cleaning process with the help of pet-friendly detergent!

1. Cleaning With Detergent

Cleaning With Detergent

You can use any detergent which is pet-friendly. When you go to buy detergent for your dog bed make sure it doesn’t contain ammonia, chlorine, formaldehyde, phenols, and isopropyl alcohol. You can use a soft detergent like Molly’s Suds Original Laundry Detergent Powder or Stain Removal Products like Skout’s Honor Professional Strength Stain and Odor Remover.

  1. Vacuum All the Dust

    First before applying any liquid to the bed make sure to clean a dog bed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Run vacuum cleaner a few times, so that bed gets rids off his hair and dander that gets naturally settled there.

    vacuuming a dog bed The plus point of using a vacuum machine before applying liquid is that it also removes unhatched eggs of insects and fleas. Once it is done use a lint roller and runs it over the bed. Also, make sure you don’t forget the corners, it is the dustiest area where hair and debris get collected.

  2. Look for Spots

    If your dog’s bed has stains of mud, urine or feces or any other stain first try removing those stain spots before giving it a final wash because once the bed is wash and dried it will become permanent marks, and it will be a heavy task to remove those stains.

    I personally prefer Skout’s Honor Professional Strength Stain and Odor Remover because it works all time on every surface. It doesn’t mask the odor and make them smell good with stain-removing power. Plus it is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

    This is a revolutionary cleaner that guarantees to perform better than traditional and enzyme-based cleaning products. Safe for pets, family, and home.

    Use this stain remover directly on the spots as per the directions.

  3. Let’s Soak It

    Once you are done with stains it is time to wash the bed. You can either wash it as it is or let it soak in lukewarm water with detergent in it. I use Molly’s Suds Original Laundry Detergent Powder because it is eco-friendly and safe to use.

    It is specially crafted for dogs who are sensitive to laundry detergent chemicals and have very sensitive skin. It works perfectly for all different fabrics barring leather fabric silk fabric.

    The perk of soaking a bed in lukewarm water is that it will loosen the stains and dirt easily. And, this will save your time of scrubbing and deep cleaning.

  4. Washing Part

    Either use washing machine or manually wash your dog’s bed. In both ways, you have to use the same detergent as before. If you are going with hand wash then scrub a little harder on the stains.

  5. Rinse It

    It is an important step of the wash part because while rinsing you have to ensure that no detergent is left in the bed so that it doesn’t come in contact with your dog’s skin. Try rinsing two times to get rid of chemicals completely.

  6. Dry It

    In this step you can either let it dry on its own or else you can pop it in the machine dryer.

Wait! You can clean a dog bed without detergent too with the help of Baking soda and Apple cider vinegar!

Scroll more to know the process

2. Home Remedial Way to Clean a Dog Bed With Non-Removable Cover

You can find Apple cider vinegar and baking soda at every house. If not, then it is easily available in any grocery store.

2.1 Dunk It In Water

Soak the bed in Luke warm water.

2.2 Splash Vinegar on the Spots

Splash Vinegar on the Spots

Once soaked it’s time to add an efficient amount of vinegar to the affected areas and stains. Don’t dilute the vinegar with water instead use whole concentrated white vinegar it will remove the awful smell and leave it as it is for about ten to twenty minutes.

2.3 Dust Baking Soda

Dust Baking Soda

After soaking the bed in vinegar it is time to sprinkle baking soda over the nasty stains. Let the powder dry on the bed for about eight hours at least! If possible, let it settle down overnight to get better results.

2.4 Use Hoover

Use a vacuum machine, that is a hover to clear out the baking soda from your dog’s bed.

2.5 It’s Time to Dry

During this time the dog bed will still be damp. So let it dry under the sunlight to get rid of the bad smell, or you can also put it on the dryer with an old used t-shirt soaked in vinegar. This will remove the bad odor that might leave behind.

How to Keep the Dog Bed Clean?

It is quite important to keep your dog’s bed hygienic and maintained for keeping him healthy and fit. It is not easy to wash his bed every weekend, therefore, you can take cleaning measures daily so that it doesn’t get dirty more often.

How to Keep the Dog Bed Clean

Take the following steps to maintain the bed as much clean as possible so that it a is good place for him to sleep[1]

  • You can put a comfy blanket over the bed, keep it changing for laundry.
  • You can occasionally wipe down the outer side of the bed body with 8-to-1 water and Apple cider vinegar(ACV).
  • Then apply apple cider vinegar spray to deodorize.
  • If your dog’s bed is not huge, you can enclose the same in a large garbage bag.
  • Once that is done, you can put your dog’s bed along with the pillow cover.
  • Vacuum that in between the washes.

Hang on!

Are you interested to know some additional things regarding dog bed cleaning?


How to wash my dog bed without removing the cover?

To wash your dog bed without a removable cover you have to follow listed below steps

  • First thing first you have to dust off things from bed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to vacuum all the edges of the bed because it is the dirtiest place.
  • Clean the nasty spots with the help of stain remover.
  • Soak the bed in Luke warm water with any pet-friendly detergent. Soak it for eight hours at least.
  • Give it a wash, you can either do handwash or machine wash whichever is more preferable to you.
  • Rinse it properly till the detergent gets off the bed, make sure to rinse it two times.
  • Then place it under bright sunshine, or you can simply dry it in the dryer.

How can I clean a dog bed that can’t be washed?

To clean a dog bed that can’t be washed

Use a vacuum cleaner it supports to remove dog hair, dirt, dangle and other debris then remove and wash the bed cover (most dogs bed comes with detachable covers) .

Use stain remover on the affected areas. Washing the bed with mild and pet-friendly detergent. Rinse it twice to get rid of the detergent completely. Later let it dry under the rays of sunlight.

What dissolves dogs’ hair in the washing machine?

To dissolve dog hair in the washing machine, adding half a cup of white vinegar in your washing machine is more than enough. Vinegar is helpful because it is a natural fabric softener that aids the bed cloth and reduces dog hairs. Now, run a wash cycle without clothes in the washing machine so that the machine is cleaned.

And, your work is done!

Does dryer sheet work to remove pet hair?

Of course yes!

With the support of the anti-static property of the dryer sheet, it helps easily to get rid of a lot of pet hair that can be removed by the lint trap.

So you do not have to worry about your pet hair. You can easily wash and dry all your clothes like you always did. This option works best if you are dealing with clothes that have a lot of furs.

The Bottom Line

In the end, I would like to say that please make sure that your dog lives in clean surroundings. Because then there is a low risk of catching any disease to him.

I hope you have understood the methods of How to Clean a dog bed without a removable cover. I have covered two ways you can read above and try any of those methods.

If you know any other methods and tricks to clean non-removable cover dogs then you can use the comment section. We would love to know your ideas too!

Till then Enjoy Cleaning!


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