Why Does My Dog Hump His Bed? And How to Stop It

When a dog is humping it is common dog behavior, and you don’t have to panic about it because I have listed down various reasons why does your dog hump his bed. I know a lot of dog owners deal with the issue on a daily basis. Initially, we may giggle and laugh but if it is seen more often then it is a matter of concern!

Why Does My Dog Hump His Bed

Humping in dogs is quite common, and I know it is tough to handle it!

When your dog is going under hormonal change or seeking sexual attention this is more often accompanied by flirtatious body language and courtship behavior like ears rotated in the backward direction, tail up, licking, play bows, pawing, etc

But, keep calm because in this article I have written all the possible reasons why does your dog hump his bed and also how can you stop this.

Shall we start?

Why Do Dog Hump His Bed?

There is major four reasons why your dog hump. You can go through these reasons thoroughly.

1. Change in Hormones

Nor spayed or neutered but, an intact dog may hump his bed or on other dogs due to a change in his hormones. When two dogs of the opposite gender are intact they mostly start breeding. Thus, it is important that you seperate two intact dogs of different gender without fail. If you don’t want that to happen.

Humping in dogs is a way of being sexually motivated. It is not limited to male dogs female dogs hump too! But, it might not be of sexual nature. Dog humping in the bed or any other object can be a sign that they are masturbating.

The dog which is not neutered or spayed will have hormones just like humans. That can cause sexual attraction. Usually, when he happens, they are in heat, and in this time they usually mate. So, when this dog is in heat he is more prone to hump than other days.

Having a neutered or spayed dog may help with the problem, but you have to be sure that your dog might develop the habit of humping before they are transformed and process afterward.

If the pillow on your bed or a stuffed animal is the dog’s affection, then there is a high chance that he will hump.

2. Enthusiasm and Excitement

Enthusiasm and Excitement

Generally, dogs don’t mimic mating behavior when they hump. It can be a harmless sign of showing excitement. There is non-sexual arousal also that is more likely to provoke your dog to hump. Your dog humping bed can be a way for your dog to burn off his energy or release his stress.

Few dogs bark, some run and some may jump and others simply hump. Humping is normal for many dogs.

You can train your dog to stop this repeated humping behavior and redirect his excess energy to somewhere else. Well, some dogs hump because of attention seeking behavior or due to boredom. If they hump due to this then make him do a lot of exercises, mental stimulation, and you should avoid giving him attention when he does this. It will work!

3. Frisky Behavior

Frisky Behavior

Sexual behavior such as mounting, thrusting and, humping is a kind of normal playing behavior. Your dog will normally don’t show erection or ejaculation in relation to playing. But, some poorly socialized dogs extremely mount other dogs in a way to ask for playing. And then later they don’t know how to play, this leads to over-arousal during play.

So, your dog humping his bed because he is full of energy and wants to play. Because of frisky behavior, they will tend to hump more often. It is important to shift his playful behavior into another way. Training him to run to your side might be a helpful way to lower the tendency and intensity of play humping.

It is not just limited to hormonal change or behavioral change, but it can be due to health issues too!

4. Medical Issues

Medical Issues

Sometimes humping in dogs is an indication of a medical problem. Humping can lead to irritation or infection, or prostate problems.

You’ve ruled out a medical issue?

It is not a lie if we say that it is sexual behavior. It is more prone in unneutered younger dogs.

Before giving your dog professional training to not humping, you must know if there is any medical issue or not. As we said earlier it can also relate to medical conditions like urinary tract infection, priapism (prolonged erection), skin allergies. This can evoke humping in dogs.

This is just like licking the genital area against furniture or some objects. Your vet will figure out what is the exact reason behind his humping with the help of a few tests.

Dogs can not express themselves like us humans. If they are suffering from any kind of urinary infection or skin allergies they get uncomfortable and hence, they hump. It is our responsibility to get them under medical examination and keep an eye on their health track.

Are you ready to know how to stop a dog from humping?

How to Stop Dog From Humping?

Humping dogs are easy to curb when you catch this at an early stage, rather than waiting for it to becomes his permanent habit.

When a dog humps bed in the starting it may seem funny. But it is too bad if it persists for a longer period of time. The best way to get rid of this is by taking slow steps and transforming his behavior into good behavior.

It is not impossible to stop your dog from humping, but you have to bear in mind that he will learn things gradually and slowly. One step at a time, we can not expect him to change his habit in one night right?

1. Give Reward And Treat

Just like teaching any other command with a treat, you can also use a treat and reward trick to eradicate humping in your dog. If they perform according to your will then reward them.

Give Reward And Treat

Positive reinforcement is exclusively true when it comes to mounting. Once they understand the relation between no command for no treats and yes command for more treats they will be less likely to hump.

This will also depend on the willingness of your pet too! You might have to train this type of training many times till they start to adopt that behavior gradually.

This is tough, but then you have to choose some wonderful and favorite treat for your dog for that, so he finds it incredibly appealing.

2. Catch Your Dog While Humping

When you catch your dog’s humping you must address this behavior to him. You can either call him by his name and say a word like stop, or, off.

Catch Your Dog While Humping

Why might be wondering why not use the “no” word? Well, no is not ideal because it is used more often in your day-to-day life conversation.

Similarly, it may be confusing for your pooch even if you use the ‘down’ command.

3. Take Help From Professionals

Some dogs take time and it is difficult for them to switch their habit. It is not that easy. If your dog is one of a kind then it may require some professional dog trainer or behaviorist help. He or she can guide him on how to work on the issue and it’s worth it.

Take Help From Professionals

If you are not able to train your pooch, you must seek help from professionals. This might be a bit expensive but surely worth it! As you don’t have to worry about his unwanted behavior.

And, let me clear it out that it is completely fine to take your dog from humping issue there is nothing to be ashamed of. It is quite a common problem in dogs. And they know how to manage such a situation and deal with humping dogs.

Hang on! It is not over yet!

There are various facts left to read about dog humping, so keep reading if you want to gain extra information!


Why do my dog hump his bed?

Dog humping is sexual in nature, but a lot of experts say that it is often done due to a lot of other reasons too.

Be it un-neutered or unspayed dogs under a year old will hump normally in sexual nature. But older dog keeps humping to show their dominance, or like a reaction of something exciting has happened, like a visitor coming to your home, also it can be due to lack of socializing training skills. You may find it funny initially but, it is a matter of concern.

For some dogs is may become uncontrollable behavior. Mouthing is a common behavior in both young and old dogs. This is because no one has told them that it is unacceptable. It might become their habit if not redirected. For them, it is just like jumping up or barking at the door

Why do female dogs hump?

It is normal for female dogs too to hump, precisely in their puppyhood. Although this is not seen as much as male dogs. The reason is simply that it gives them pleasure, and obviously, it is uncontrollable behavior that is motivated by either playing or socializing.

A few of them may also hump in response to stress, and excitement, no matter what is the gender!

Why do girl dogs hump after being spayed?

Dog humping is a common playful sign. Both male and female dogs do that, even when after they are desexed. It is natural play behavior for them. And, they do that because they are not told it is not acceptable.

Sometimes there are exceptions like when they get attracted by the scent that they like someone or something they hump.

But neutering a dog aid to decrease the amount of testosterone (primary sex hormone) in their body. This will lower the desire for mating and thus lower the humping behavior.

Summing It All Up!

In the end, I am hoping that you have understood all the set of reasons why do dogs hump their beds.

If you are bothered, why is my dog humping? Then need to bear in mind that it is common behavior you should not stress because it can be stopped.

You just have to take care of these things and make sure you don’t let this behavior become their habit.

If you have any other reasons for the same you can freely comment down below. It is just for you, we would love to know more reasons.

Lastly, I hope you and your best friend may have less humping and more joy!

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