Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed? What Next

Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed

If you are also facing an issue to know why does a dog pee on my bed and this is the right article made for you!

Did you know the sharp smell of your dog’s urinary can irritant the lungs?

Even if you inhale a low concentration (50 ppm) it can cause rapid eye and skin irritation.

Well, it is gross to sleep on a dog pee on the bed, and nobody wants to get into the best just to clean the sheets and scrub the mattress.

Many pet parents face this issue, and as we train pets, we understand how difficult it must be to handle such situations and control your reaction. But, no more worries we have listed all possible reasons why a dog pee on my bed not just that we have also covered how to get rid of the issue too!

Shall we begin?

Why My Dog Pee On My Bed?

Many pet owners face this issue on a daily basis but are unaware of the root of this behavior in their dog. Given below are 9 reasons why a dog pee on my bed.

1. Planning to mark territory

Most dogs urinate as a way to mark their territory as an attempt to express their dominance. And, if your pooch is peeing in a small amount on your bed instead of unloading his whole bladder, it is probably because he is busy marking urine.

It is noticed that it is more common in male dogs rather than females. Females may do it but, males are more prone to it.

You should not be annoyed by this! It is not an insult to you. It just means that your pet is facing some stress and wants to reassure himself by making his territory with his smell.

2. Is he Prone to Arthritis

You must take to him for a medical examination whether he is suffering from arthritis or not!

Are you also wondering “What is the relation between arthritis and dog peeing on your bed? “

Yes, there is some connection because when a dog is affected by arthritis he suffers from a painful condition that makes him difficult to move his body. As a result, when he feels the urge to pee he can’t move off the bed and his bladder just pours out the urine on your bed.

Arthritis in dogs is an inflammation of the joints that leads to pain, discomfort and their muscles feel tight that makes it more difficult to move than usual. The bones in the joint rub together.

It is a very critical situation for your dog.

It is observed that dogs who have arthritis don’t usually empty their bladder fully during their bathroom break. Which later leads to leakage when they are on your bed. You must get his medical examination done if you have a doubt.

3. Too Much of Submissive Behaviour

As we all are aware of the saying that too much of anything could be harmful. Similarly, too much submissiveness behavior in a dog can lead to bad things.

Dogs who are over submissive tend to trigger their happiness through their bladder. Yes, this is not funny! They can urinate anytime-either when they feel they are scared of something or when they are happy and excited.

Any emotion be it happiness or sadness, other than normal can lead to leakage. This is more often seen in baby dogs yes in puppies, and they grow out of it. Also, this can be transferred to their adulthood too.

4. Occasional Accidents

Sometimes there can be no reason why a dog pee on my bed. It can happen in the accident too!

Occasional Accidents

Even if you have trained your dog very well such accidents can take place. Things like this can’t be in control it is one of the occurrences. So, you don’t panic about this there nothing to worry about.

5. Easy access to the bed

As we know the dogs are pack animals, and they want to sleep with you for protection, closure, and warmth. And, when you give them unrestricted access to your bed. So even when you are not in the house or are working late in the office they tend to go to your bed.

As a result, they spend more time at your bed and feel free to urinate there.

6. They want your smell to linger

Yes, your pet likes your odor. They just can’t get enough of you as they love you a lot. Likewise, they love your smell and love anything that smells like you. That the reason why your dog tends to steal your socks and clothes.

When we observe wild dogs it helps us to understand this reason that when they encounter predators throughout their lifetime they had no choice left with them either to fight or to flight. So, they always try to cover their smell. This will also answer your question “why the dogs roll in the carcass of dead animals”

This relates to your question about why your pooch urinates on your bed. And, it is because they hide their scent in yours and also used to roll in your dirty laundry.

7. Change in Things

An anxious dog sometimes eliminates indoor things like your bed, and couches this is because something in your home might have changed!

Do you know that dogs brain possess the same brain structures that produce emotions just like us in humans?

Dogs also have similar hormones and go through similar chemical changes as humans do while they are in their emotional states. They even have the hormone oxytocin which is involved in humans when they are involved with feelings and affections for others.

For instance, if you have lost another pet family member, god forbid this, but this reason can give your dog stress. Or if you have recently moved or got new furniture. These reasons can also provoke a dog pee on my bed to comfort himself.

Even if there is a change in your schedule can trigger anxiety-inducing for your pet. For such a behavioral issue you must take help from professionals.

8. Inappropriate Pee Breaks

Throughout the day dog do need several potty breaks otherwise they will be forced to urinate indoors. If a dog pee on my bed, it means that he needs some extra outings or housebreaking to empty their bladder. This is especially required right after meals and before their bedtime.

Inappropriate Pee Breaks

Also, if he is not taught well or, potty-trained adequately he might need more training you can get tips from professional dog trainers too. If you can take him for a walk throughout the day you can hire a dog walker or a pet sitter who can keep a check on him.

9. Is he ill

Dogs can not communicate like us, they communicate with us through their bodily actions so when they pee on your bed it can also mean that they are ill.

One of the major reason for unsuitable elimination can include urinary tract infections, kidney failure, spinal injury, diabetes, urinary incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine)

For the best solution, take him to a vet for a healthy body checkup to flush out illness as a reason why my dog pee on my bed.

Do you want to prevent this situation? Then scroll down to know more about this

How to Get Rid of It?

How to get rid of it

Every individual pet parents have their distinct unique way to solve bed urination. If you want your pet to stop peeing on your bed you can experiment given below in different ways. Every dog is unique to some dogs few tricks might work for some it may not.

But, these are all tested and safe approaches to stop a dog pee on my bed.

Restrict his access to bed: When you go out of your bedroom for a while or making food in the kitchen put a leash on your dog and command him to sit down, and stay. Don’t worry putting him on a leash is not a punishment but simply a gentle reminder that you would not like his compliance.

But, if you have introduced your pet to your bed earlier then this could be a bit tricky, but you can still fix this you must leash him only when you are there with him. Otherwise, just don’t let him move to your bed.

Talk to a pet sitter or trainer: If you are struggling to give him proper house training then you can take help from a professional trainer. The professional training program can help your dog to gain confidence. If you can not take your dog for a walk your trainer can keep a check on him.

Dog’s daycare: You can register him in dog daycare just for a few days for fun while you’re away from him.

Dog diapers: Urinary incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine) can be caused because of various reasons like disease, old age, and medications. So, if you don’t want your old dog to evict from your bed and also want that your pooch does not pee on your bed then you can get a dog diaper or potty pads. It will guard your bed.

Dog diapers

Consult a veterinarian: As we already know your dog can do this mishappen because of health issues too! So, for that, you can take help from professionals too. A vet can treat his diseases, and you can recover him with care and love. But, if this still persists you may have to keep him say from your bed for a while till he starts feeling more like himself.

Keep him busy: An active dog brain functions that keep him busy. You can teach him obedience skills, household rules, and also trick training. Do anything that keeps him active and his mind busy.

Clean sheet to evict the dog from bed: You should clean your sheet appropriately and even scrub it with an enzymatic pet cleaning solution if previously he has urinated on it. This will prevent him from remarking the area because of the smell.

Install a dog door: You can use the fence in your yard to keep it out during the day.

Must avoid anger: When your canine friend climbs into your bed and wet the bed it is a bit obvious your reflex action will be anger. But however as much as possible, you should control your anger. Don’t express your reaction because anger will give your dog some wrong message.

Hold on! Where are you going below down there are interesting things which you must know!


Why do my dog pee on my bed?

Your pet might pee because he is sick and ill, or you have given is easy access to your bed, he can urinate because he is prone to arthritis. Many professionals say this behavior in a dog is observed because they want to mark their territory to express their dominance or to ease their anxiety by laying out their boundaries

The other possibilities could be due to a change in his life or yours. Dogs get anxious and any kind of stress can change can urge them to pee on your bed to make themselves feel comfortable.

Another reason is they have inappropriate pee breaks, they love you, and they love your odor too! So they want your odor to linger with themselves for which they look for things that smell like you. Sometimes they do this out of the blue too!

Do dogs pee out of spite?

No, not at all!

Canines do not understand the concept of revenge. So, there is no way they pee on your bed out of spite, attention, or revenge. Rather they might pee in the house to communicate their fear, anxiety, health issue, territorial marking is simply because of reason that they have no option but, to urinate indoors.

Should dogs sleep in your bed?

If you invite your pet to sleep on your bed I may not intend to bite you, but there is a chance that this can happen unintentionally. And, unintentional bites are as hurtful as intentional ones.

But, if your pooch doesn’t have a health issue or any behavioral issue then you can make him sleep on your bed. It won’t be unhealthy for both of you. You can be sleeping partners.

Does using vinegar stop dogs from peeing in the house?

Yes, it works!

Dogs are sensitive to smell and hate the odor of vinegar very much. If you use the vinegar with water to make a spray and splash it on a place he will remember the hazy smell and won’t go there.

Summing it All Up!

“Why my dog pee on my bed” is an issue faced by several pet owners and when this happens they get angry and want to know what is the root of this behavior.

We have covered all the major reasons why my dog pee on my bed. To know this you can read the reasons mentioned above.

I hope we have successfully cleared your doubt on this issue. If you have any extra reason which is not listed above you can comment down below, we would love to know that from you.


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