Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

Are you asking yourself this one question, “why does my dog sleep under the bed”

Do you also struggle to make him move out of your bed?

Is this more often, or occasional?

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed

If it is more than usual then it is a matter of concern! Because dog’s behavior is the only way of communication they share with us. We just know what is bothering him to behave like this!

But, it will be completely fine if you read this article! This is made just for pet owners who are struggling to know why does my dog go under my bed.

Shall we begin?

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

Finding the reason why does my dog goes under my bed is important for every pet owner. Because if it happens occasionally it is fine but if not then there something which you should be aware of therefore we have got you the list of reasons why do dogs sleep under the bed?

1. They Find Peace and Safety

The most common reason why your dog likes to sleep under your bed can be he finds peace there. The dog hides under the bed when they sleep, it gives them a feeling of protection and security. They want themselves to be protected from above and behind.

Just like we want to feel safe, the dog also wants the same. the dog keeps hiding under bed is the safest option. If your house is full of crowds and strangers it would be difficult for him to find peace. So, your den animal dog looks for a small close corner to feel safe and relaxed.

This will tend to happen more if they tend to have a submissive personality more.

2. Looking For a Cozy and Comfortable Corner

Since the place under your bed is much cooler and darker it aids them to have easy and comfy sleep there. They enjoy the temperature under the bed which is untouched and cool.

Looking For a Cozy and Comfortable Corner

Having a nap under beds reduces anxiety and stress levels in them and to avoid this they hunt for the peaceful and cozy corner where nobody can bother them. Therefore, your dog hides under the bed.

3. Is He Sick

If your dog is not sleeping under the bed because of safe space and peace then it could be because he is not feeling well. If they are suffering from body ache then he wants to find a close and tight space to disappear for a while.

Is He Sick

Your dog is hiding when he is sick. He will tend to sleep more often than normal because of it. There will be changes in their behavior because they are sick of everything. So to get undisturbed sleep your dog will sleep under the bed.

4. It Might be Anxious and Afraid

Your dog gets anxious and may get afraid of something which bothers them. So they block themselves under the bed. Dog get anxious if you leave him home alone or when they are surrounded by strange pets, people, or kids. The great way to get rid of such a situation they cover themselves under the bed and sleep harmoniously.

5. Noise Anxiety

A lot of dogs get anxious about loud noises. They get scared of fireworks, thunderstorms. So, to help themselves and ease their worries he hides under the bed and sleeps.

Noise Anxiety

Your dog feels safer when they hide under the bed because it distances them from loud noise and stress.

You can train them to get used to it either by using positive reinforcement training practice or you can cover your house with thunder sheets that will soak the loud noise coming from the outside.

6. Change in the Surrounding

The dog who goes through a lot of pain or feels more vulnerable can crawl under the bed to hide for a long time just to shield itself from any outside environmental threats.

If you have noticed there is a change in your dog’s attitude or behavior that his sleeping routine has changed. Don’t stress you take him to your veterinarian for the best results.

Are you thinking you won’t get rid of your dog hiding under bed?

Solution on How to Stop Your Dog From Sleeping Under the Bed

No need to worry because the tricks are easy we have used five ways by which you can stop your dog from sleeping under the bed. These are practically tested and safe so, there is no chance of second thought before implementing them to your dogs. We have personally used these tricks to solve this issue.

1. Give Him Positive Reinforcement Training

You can prevent hiding under the bed behavior in your dog with the help of using positive reinforcement training. In this, you have to uplift him to behave in a different way just by rewarding it when he tries to sleep under the bed.

Give Him Positive Reinforcement Training

If you want him to sleep on another spot you can simply follow the following ways

  • Spot the location you want him to sleep.
  • Motivate him for laying down on the other spot by giving him a treat.
  • Keep repeating this step a few times daily till he becomes habitual of it.

Once he realizes that he gets treat when he sleeps on other spots he will not sleep under the bed anymore.

2. Stop Encouraging Him

Sometimes unknowingly we tend to encourage them to behave in that way. Unintentionally, we might reward it when he does it.

So, you have to stop doing this and modify this behavior. You have to change your trick and give him a treat when he behaves properly. So, the idea is to train your dog to sleep at the desired place and restrict him to sleep at any other place than the place you choose.

Keep reading there are multiple reasons listed below!

3. Help Him to Get Rid of His Fears

As spoken earlier your dog be afraid of things and due to which he might be hiding under the bed. So, now it is your duty to find of what things he is afraid of. Once you identify his fear, help him to try to reduce his fear’s impact on him.

Like you can let him stay alone in a quiet room for a while. You to make him comfortable with his fear that he doesn’t fear anymore.

4. Increase Your Family Time With Him

When you spend your time with your pet it gives him immense joy he becomes the happiest being. Therefore, when you increase your family time with your pet it can reduce his fear and anxiety.

Increase Your Family Time With Him

Your interaction with your dog helps him to calm himself and if you want him to behave in a certain way you can obviously use positive reinforcement training. Using negative ways can harm your dog. Negative tricks will only make things worse. He will become more adamant and will not stop hiding under the bed.

5. Provide Him Other Close Comfy Corner

If he gets a super comfy space where he can feel safe and get peace and chill he will definitely not crawl under the bed to sleep. So, you can give him access to another place where he can sleep in calm.

You can use a crate for this. Thinking how? Well, get a crate and put a cover over it so that he can go inside the crate when he feels unsure, unsafe, anxious, or anything that urges him to sleep in a dark and chill place where we will not be disturbed.

It is not over yet!


Why do dogs go under the bed?

The dog keeps hiding under the bed when they are under stress or looking for safe space and protective space. They may also hide under when they are physically ill or might be sick.

When they want a cool, dark space where they can sleep comfortably where there is no external threat or worries from the environment they will sleep under the bed to sleep peacefully.

Canines are den animal they love small enclosed space it makes them feel safe and help them to relax. It also reduces their stress, and anxiety too!

Why is my dog hiding?

Dog hiding when sick is the most common reason, but it is not necessary that whenever your dog hides there is something serious thing happening. Just like we humans, dogs also need their space when they are fearful, sad, anxious, or stressed.

Although he might be acting strange and hiding because he might be ill or sick. This is more likely to happen more when if not feeling well. He might do this for a day or two.

Why you should never sleep with your dog in your bed?

From fleas to plagues, you can catch any disease when you sleep with your dog! It is hazardous to your health. When your dog is out he is an activated home shell for parasites. They can live in their fur, it stays long and when he enters your house it will also share these risky fleas with you if he sleeps with you.

Many pet owners treat their dogs for parasites, but very fewer owners consider their own risk.

Can dogs dream?

Dogs generally sleep fast. If your dog starts whimpering or moves his legs or tail, or engaging in some weird behavior in the middle of sleep then scientists believe that the dog is not only dreaming as we do but, also that they dream just like us. This means that they will replay relive a moment from their day when they are asleep.

Summing It All Up!

It is important as a pet owner to know what your dogs’ behavior says. Because your dog only communicates through their behavior and body language. So, knowing his behavior becomes an important part of a good pet parent.

We have shared our practically tested identified reasons why is my dog hiding under the bed all of a sudden. You can go through the list of reasons mentioned above.


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