The 25 Best Dog Frisbees of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Most pet dogs are struggling with obesity than ever before, leading to all kinds of health issues and reduced quality and length of life. But there are very few exercises or games that are flexible enough for dogs which they can enjoy.

Frisbee is a suitable activity for all kinds of dogs. Active small breeds like terriers will love playing with small dog frisbees since these toys stimulate a desire to chase and catch.

Breeds with high energy like collies, shepherds, and pointers will love the opportunity to stretch out and run after a frisbee and may also enjoy catching the frisbee.

Of course, all sorts of breeds that like to retrieve will also enjoy this activity, including retrievers and spaniels.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

The 25 Best Dog Frisbees of 2023

1. KONG – Flyer For Dogs — Best Overall

Best Dog Frisbees

The KONG Flyer is the best soft rubber disc on the market. Made with durable KONG Classic rubber, the Flyer is safe for teeth and gums. If your dog loves to fetch and catch, then the Flyer is the best, safest product for play.

Made of KONG’s famous red rubber, ultra-durable yet soft and safe for your dog’s teeth. Owners found that they could get tosses with the KONG Flyer in a manner similar to traditional frisbees.

Exercise your dog in a safe, fun way using the KONG Flyer. It features accurate flight and the durable rubber creates a soft catch meaning your dog will want to catch it again and again.

Many dogs have problems with built-up plaque and tartar. This toy helps clean their teeth while they play. The rubber is also soft and safer to use than many other frisbee materials.

You don’t have to worry about it cracking and accidentally injuring your pooch.

This dog frisbee only comes in two colors red and black. While neither color is particularly bright, the red one will probably be easier to find in most situations. However, this dog frisbee does come in three different sizes.

If you’re looking to play frisbee with a smaller dog, these sizing options make it far easier to pick one that your dog can play with.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best dog frisbees.

2. Chuckit Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy — Premium Choice

Chuckit Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy

Chuckit Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy takes our premium product placement for the best Dog Frisbee.

It’s a great choice especially if you love tossing frisbee that comes in different colors. The Paraflight is specifically designed for longer-distance flights so you can have your dog running longer.

It won’t matter if it lands on water, too as the Paraflight is buoyant enough. Its multilayer construction helps prolong its lifespan. Just don’t give it to a heavyweight chewer and everything should be fine.

This frisbee is made from nylon and rubber and is incredibly buoyant in water, so you can take it to the beach or the lake.

It comes in two sizes, small (6.5 inches) and large (9.6 inches), so it’s great for breeds of all sizes. It’s also lightweight, so it’s comfortable for carrying and fetching.

many reviews state that they love that the ChuckIt is easy to toss and gets a lot of distance without requiring much effort.

Some reviewers say it doesn’t hold up well against excessive chewers, but replacements are low-cost and worth it. If you are hunting for a great all-around frisbee for hours of play.

3. Chuckit Flying Squirrel Frisbee for Dogs — Best Value

Chuckit Flying Squirrel Frisbee for Dogs

The flying squirrel is a durable toy for dogs that is designed to withstand chewing & tossing. Curved sides of the flying soft disk allow pets to easily retrieve a toy. Frisbee glows in the dark for nighttime play.

The flying squirrel frisbee spinning toy for dogs is aerodynamic for playing fetch in the yard or park. Lightweight and buoyant material is made for poolside and lakes.

Soft, curved sides allow pets and pet parents to conveniently pick up the frisbee. A durable canvas toy is built to withstand tossing and catching for hours of entertainment.

This disc has soft, raised sides, making it is easy for people and pets to pick up. This makes it a great choice for dogs with short noses that otherwise have trouble picking up toys.

The multi-layer design is rugged enough to provide hours and hours of entertainment.

The high visibility colors make it even easier to see this toy even if it is in the water or tall grass. For nighttime play, it features glow-in-the-dark paws so that you can see it in the dark.

It really doesn’t look like a squirrel but it does have 4 ‘legs’ that stick out of its wide body. It flies elegantly its durable construction is also noteworthy it can even withstand a real heavyweight chewer.

Regardless, it should still be fascinating to use as a toy for your pet.

4. Aerobie Dogobie Disc Outdoor Flying Disc for Dogs

Aerobie Dogobie Disc Outdoor Flying Disc for Dogs

Here is an indestructible canine frisbee, traveling miles ahead. This frisbee’s aerodynamic design makes it extremely simple to pass and gives it a consistent flight pattern that encourages excellent catches.

The soft dog frisbee materials are gentle on your dog’s mouth but hard enough for a decent throw to cut through the air.

This material will resist punctures and tears so that even rough dogs will be able to keep fetching it for some time to come.

If your dog loves hard frisbees but has cut her mouth on them before, this disc might be a great alternative. At this price, even if your dog does manage to rip the frisbee apart after some time, you won’t mind buying a new one.

Open-cell foam lets air move through the bed for a cooler sleeping experience for your dog. It provides even weight distribution which makes it fly faster and longer.

Machine washable cover is easy to remove so you can maintain the quality. Dogobie’s design is easy to grip, throw accurately, and catch. The disc is puncture and tear-resistant to ensure long-lasting use.

5. Booda Tail-Spin Flyer Floppy Dog Frisbee

Booda Tail-Spin Flyer Floppy Dog Frisbee

If you aren’t sure that your dog will even play frisbee, to begin with, you might be interested in the Booda Tail-Spin Flyer.

It is inexpensive when compared to many other dog frisbees that are currently available, but is still decently durable. It is made out of durable cloth and rubber tubing, which should be more than enough to withstand most dogs.

It is also lightweight and flexible makes it easy to transport and use, especially if your dog is smaller and has difficulty using heavier frisbees.

The rubber tubing prevents accidental injuries to your pet’s mouth and even allows the frisbee to float if thrown in the water. It comes in three different sizes to better fit your pooch.

However, as with most things, you get what you pay for. The frisbee is made out of cloth, and while this cloth is durable, it is not able to withstand as much punishment as other materials.

This frisbee is an excellent option if you are unsure whether or not your dog will even play frisbee. But, if you already know your dog loves the game, we recommend choosing a more durable option.

6. Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc

Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc

This disc is the world’s toughest canine competition disc, with its tough and puncture-resistant material. It is capable of setting record distance throws.

If your dog loves her standard frisbee, but you don’t love having to replace the frisbee after every couple of play sessions when it becomes punctured and disfigured from playing.

This professional dog frisbee is made to competition-grade standards so that you know it can stand up to even the least gentle mouths.

This is one of the best frisbees for dog training that you are likely to find. This frisbee has a patented dual grip that makes it easier for you to throw and for your dog to catch.

It was designed by world champions to fly as far as possible and be durable enough to stand up to more than a couple of games.

This disc can set records with the distance that it flies, so if you would like to wear your dog out as thoroughly as possible with as little effort as you can, this puncture-resistant, far-flying disc might be right for you.

Hyperflite Jawz discs are 8.75″ in diameter and approximately 145 grams, perfect size and weight for throwing.

7. Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee

This frisbee for dogs features a durable, multilayer nylon construction that is safe on your dog’s teeth and designed for long-lasting outdoor use.

Designed for a high-flying game of fetch with your dog in the water, grass, or snow. This dog frisbee is the perfect solution for fitness, exercise, and training.

If you’ve got multiple dogs (or just want a backup frisbee on hand), it’s easy to buy frisbees by the pack, saving you a repeat trip to the store in the future.

The Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Frisbee is popular on its own, and it’s also sold in packs of five. Each one is made with soft rubber and durable nylon, which is safe for your dog’s teeth while holding up over extended use.

The frisbees are lightweight and float in the water, making them great for a day at the beach—or a multi-dog pool party, for that matter.

Each Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Frisbee is 9” in diameter, and customers write that they’re a “flippy flopper fan for life” after testing out the toy with their pups.

While the cloth-covered rubber isn’t going to be as strong as a KONG product, for example, the nylon is sturdier than you’d expect (and anyway, you’ll be getting a pack of five of them).

8. Chuckit! Zipflight Dog Toy

Chuckit! Zipflight Dog Toy

Designed with speed in mind, this lightweight, aerodynamic frisbee will take your games to new heights without injuring your pet’s mouth or causing discomfort.

With two highly visible colors available, this frisbee is easily located after long-distance throwing.

A top-rated frisbee product, this one features a buoyant design to ensure that it floats on water, so your dog can swim after it if they would like. The colors are high visibility enough to ensure that the disc is easily spottable when you are out playing.

Durability and a high level of resistance are txxtwo of the main features that you would expect from a dog frisbee, and this one offers both.

In an innovative design touch, the edges of the frisbee have been rubber-reinforced to ensure they are gentle on your dog’s gums and teeth.

9. West Paw Zogoflex Air Dash Durable Dog

West Paw Zogoflex Air Dash Durable Dog

West Paw Design’s dash frisbee for dogs has an aerodynamic design making it easy for humans to throw and fun for dogs to fetch.

Its center hole allows for smooth, off the ground pickups, a stable, fast flight and a gradual descent. The durable outer shell surrounds a soft foam material so it won’t hurt dogs’ mouths or human hands.

Dash is injected with air technology making this high-flying frisbee fun to fetch on land or in water. All of the West Paw designs air dog toys are certified-safe, and to last.

They’re available in bright and fun colors making them perfect for play in all terrains, especially water. All air dog toys are available for recycling through the manufacturer’s closed-loop recycling program, join the loop.

Many reviews agree on the result is a super satisfying, subtle squish that delights dogs for endless hours of supervised play.

10. TUFFY – World’s Tuffest Soft Dog Frisbee

TUFFY – World’s Tuffest Soft Dog Frisbee

Tuffy toys are the most durable dog toys on the market. With up to 4 layers of material, our toys are bonded and sewn together for added durability.

Most dog toys have just one seam to hold the toy together. Tuffy toys can have up to 7 rows of stitching. Most Tuffy toys include an additional piece of black trim which protects the outside seam and makes the toy even stronger.

The toys are built to last, but keep in mind that no toy is indestructible. Tuffy toys are designed to be used for interactive play and are not chew toys.

Please be a responsible dog owner and only allow your dog to play with the toy under supervision. Do not allow your pet to ingest any portion of the toy.

We strive to make our toys the strongest and safest on the market. As loving dog owners, we only want the best toys for our dogs and yours.

11. Chuckit Max Glow Paraflight Large

Chuckit Max Glow Paraflight Large

The large dog frisbee features a multilayer nylon interior & soft frisbees rubber edges that are gentle on the puppy’s gums & teeth. Frisbee gradually descends for jumping & catching mid-flight.

Ideal frisbee for dogs for high-flying games of fetch, designed for long-distance flight. The para flight fetch toy floats in water – great for playing at the pool or lake.

The versatile, buoyant design of the Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer makes fetching even more fun for water-loving dogs.

The bright blue and orange colors of the Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer allows pets and pet parents to easily spot the toy in tall grass or on water. This is one of the best soft frisbees for dogs and it is lightweight too.

12. Nerf Dog Durable Nylon Dog Toys

Nerf Dog Durable Nylon Dog Toys

To ensure that it retains its strength, the coating is tear-resistant. You can even play tug of war games with your dog using it. However, it is still lightweight enough to ensure that you can throw it around with minimal effort.

As well as being aerodynamically designed, it is also water-resistant to ensure that it floats in the pool. It is 9-inches in diameter, which makes it suitable for a wide range of dogs and different breeds.

13. Petstages Orka Flyer

Petstages Orka Flyer

The Orka Flyer rubber durable frisbee chew and fetch toy for dogs may be designed with a really durable frame in mind, but when in the mouths of heavy chewers, it really is still no match.

Also, some pet parents are quite dismayed with the general observation that it doesn’t float on water, sinking straight to the bottom instead. Despite these drawbacks, one can always appreciate the flight characteristics of the Orka Flyer.

It’s everything that you would wish for in a flying object, smoothly gliding on air making it exceptionally easy for your pet to catch.

14. Nite Ize Flashflight Dog Disco Disc

Nite Ize Flashflight Dog Disco Disc

The Nite Ize Flashflight Discuit Frisbee is filled with bright LED lights, so you and your dog can see the toy, even in the dark. The lights change colors as the disc soars, creating an entertaining color spectrum in the air.

It’s important to note that the frisbee takes two lithium batteries (included) which are protected with a dog-safe cover. Each disc is 8.2” and made from a hard plastic that’s lightweight and easy to throw.

Each product comes with a replacement guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product for any reason.

Powered by long-life batteries (which come with the frisbee), the battery is placed in an area that your dog won’t bite hold of when picking up the disc and covered by a battery cover for added security and peace of mind.

Control the lights with a simple on/off button on the underside of the frisbee.

15. Dog Ultra Ring for Ring Chaser

Dog Ultra Ring for Ring Chaser

This durable frisbee toy for dogs soars high & fast for games of fetch in open areas. Compatible with the Chuckit! RingChaser Launcher for slobber-free pickup.

The flying disc toy is made of durable & lightweight material that’s easy to grab & gentle on dog’s mouths. The Ultra Ring erratically bounces, engaging in the natural chase instinct.

The Ultra Ring is the ultimate chase and fetches toy because of the unique topspin infused action that causes the Ultra Ring to erratically bounce, zig-zag. And hop on the ground just like the real games, engaging your dog’s natural chase instincts.

Bright colors make it easy to find in snow or bright sun making it the ultimate chase and fetch toy. Compatible with the Chuckit! Ring Chaser for even more fetch fun.

16. Wisedom Dog Treat Ball Food Dispensing Puzzle Disc

Wisedom Dog Treat Ball Food Dispensing Puzzle Disc

Fill with your dog’s favorite treats, promoting active and healthy slow feeding, as your dog plays and rolls the ball, treats will fall out to reward them for being active.

Help keep your dog occupied & mentally stimulated for long periods of time, reduce destructive behavior. The perfect size makes it ideal for medium and big dogs.

Solving puzzles develops your dog’s intellectual skills. Train your puppy with the dog treat toy to increase their eagerness to learn by pairing treats with playtime. Instead of the boring dog rubber toys and chew sticks.

The treat ball toy is made of soft disc rubber which is gentle on your dog’s gums, it is bite resistant and durable.

17. StarMark Easy Glider Max

StarMark Easy Glider Max

Soft foam flying disc with an aerodynamic design that allows it to fly slow and level, giving your dog the best opportunity to catch it.

Soft material won’t scrape your dog’s mouth, but very durable and puncture-resistant and it also floats in water.

The product includes a free training guide which acts as a benefit for beginners. Sold in multiple colors provides you options as color can attract and helps to increase the interest of your dog.

You can select from a purple, yellow or blue glider according to your choice.

18. Petper Dog Flying Disc Toy

Petper Dog Flying Disc Toy

Perfect for fetch and floatable can use them as an interactive toy in water fetch games as well as dock diving training. Made of durable TPR, safe non-toxic and healthy for your dog. It is even suitable for games outdoor and indoors as well.

Anti-Slip Design Bulge surface is designed for an easy catch for your dog but won’t hurt your dog’s mouth. 9 inches makes it suitable for medium and large size dogs.

Featuring an anti-slip bulge surface is designed for an easy catch for your dog but won’t hurt your dog’s mouth. Easy to grip and toss great shape for hours of fetch suitable for games outdoor and indoor and it is harmless for the teeth of your dog.

19. Hartz Tuff Stuff Toss Frisbee Flyer Dog Toy

Hartz Tuff Stuff Toss Frisbee Flyer Dog Toy

Grips throughout the disc are great for tugging, tossing and carrying inside and outdoors. It even floats on water. Squeaks for exciting and interactive fun both pup and pet parent will enjoy.

Made for tough tuggers, this flexible flying disc is heavy-duty and lightweight for maximum air time and resistance to ruff-housing. Constructed from ballistic nylon for enhanced durability.

Squeaks for exciting and interactive fun both pup and pet parent will enjoy.Great for medium to large dogs who love to tug.

20. RUFFWEAR – Hydro Plane Floating Disc

RUFFWEAR – Hydro Plane Floating Disc

This disc is made from buoyant foam and floats right on the water’s surface, making it easy for your dog to retrieve. Sometimes fetch is just more fun in the water or in the snow.

Head out to your favorite swimming hole or snowy spot with your best friend and their new toy.

It’s oversized, brightly colored, and easy for you and your dog to spot. The Hydro Plane floats on water and sits on top of the snow. The foam construction is firm enough to maintain its shape yet soft enough for your dog’s teeth and gums.

The Hydro Plane is made from abrasion-resistant materials to stand up to the most eager dogs and the longest games of fetch.

21. Nerf Dog Rubber Tire Flyer Dog Toy

Nerf Dog Rubber Tire Flyer Dog Toy

The bright blue frisbee is easily trackable for both you and your pet, no matter where or how far you toss it. Lightweight, durable, and weather & water-resistant, the flyer is the perfect toy to take to the lake, beach, or pool.

With a 10 inch diameter, this flyer is ideal for medium and large breeds. Your dog’s safety first, Nerf Dog toys are 100% non-toxic, BPA-free, and FDA approved.

Nerf-quality materials make our Tire Flyer perfect for fetch and for teaching your dog new tricks.

22. ZippyPaws – Rope Gliderz Dog Flying Disc

ZippyPaws – Rope Gliderz Dog Flying Disc

ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz Dog Flying Disc is more durable than its plastic flying disc counterparts due to its sturdy and flexible fabric materials. The cloth and rope toy is easier on your dog’s teeth and stands up to tough chewing, tugging, and more.

This disc toy is tough and suitable even for aggressive chewers. For the pup who loves to catch and retrieve, these Rope Gliderz are ideal for outdoor fun.

This brightly colored toy is great for indoor and outdoor play since it stands out in the grass and is highly visible for a fun game of toss.

Made of real mountain climbing rope and sturdy nylon material, this toy is easy to throw far and light enough to fetch again and again. Containing no stuffing, this toy is light and easy to carry for dogs of any size or age.

23. Nerf Dog 10in Atomic Flyer

Nerf Dog 10in Atomic Flyer

Nerf Dog brand products are 100% designed with your dogs in mind. These toys encourage interactive play between all family members and their 4-legged companions.

They ensure the quality of the product last for hours of extended play and our exciting designs and assorted shapes & sizes will accommodate pups of all ranges.

But it can be a bit tedious to work with it as the dish does not float as smoothly as the competitors and because of which it is easy to lose track of the dish. Many reviewers complain that they have lost many dishes in water and snow.

24. Yimeihao Dog Toy Frisbee

Yimeihao Dog Toy Frisbee

Nice quality frisbee set overall. You get 6 total disks and you can use them as a frisbee or even use them as dot markers for games or for making a running course. They are really nice quality and my dogs really love chasing them.

Great frisbee to teach your pet to catch with. A soft and flexible disc which is very rare to find it is great for close-range tossing for practicing with your dog at initial periods. Because it’s so soft you will get teeth marks but it’s gentle on the dog’s mouth.

One thing to like about these floppy style disks is that dogs can actually pick them up. The hard frisbee can be hard if playing on concrete. Really fun and great value for the price for the set. Your dogs will definitely have a lot of fun with them.

25. Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Rubber Dog Toy

Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Rubber Dog Toy

Made for medium and larger dogs, Ruff Dawg K9 Flyer Rubber toy is designed to be easy to catch in your pup’s mouth. The solid natural rubber used to make the disc is both puncture and tear-resistant.

Plus, the materials used to make it are 100% FDA-approved recyclable, and the frisbee is made in the USA.

9. 5-inch diameter rubber retrieving toy for medium to large size dogs.The soft catch, easy to pick up, safe for a dog’s teeth and gums. Solid natural rubber is torn and puncture-resistant.

A range of bright colors is available to make them easy to spot when you are outdoors playing with your pooch. Assorted bright swirled marbled colors make it unique in design.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Frisbee for Dogs

When you choose a dog frisbee to make sure that you and your dog get the most enjoyment from your dog, there are a number of things you can watch out for.

Here are the main ones. Before buying the best frisbee for your dog, you should consider a few points.

Easy to Throw

The easiest and best frisbee to throw is the hard one. Hard frisbee, which moves long distances and is also easy to handle while the soft one is hard to throw for long distances.If your dog loves to run and catch the frisbee than buy a hard one.

Stable Flight

We have already stated that the rigid frisbees fly incredibly well. But if you’re just looking for a toy, you can play with your dog, you might not have a real need for stiff and competition-grade equipment.

You should still look for a frisbee that also glides or flies incredibly well, though. The whole point of playing frisbee with your dog is running and capturing the ball in its teeth.


For several reasons, the famous hard plastic frisbees aren’t great dog toys. The hard material can hurt the teeth and gums of a dog as they jump up and grab it out of the air. Some may also crack into small pieces that are very dangerous.


Given that your dog can bite this product, you’ll want one that’s 100 percent safe and free of contaminants. Many are considered free of phthalates and BPAs and some are even licensed by FDA and try to select pet safe frisbee material.

Easy to Clean

This toy can spend a lot of time on the field and in the jaws of your dog so it has to be easy to clean up. So it should be able to wash out in the water and some may be thrown in the dishwasher.


Remember, you can see bright colors of all kinds but your dog can’t. If you want a toy they can easily spot in the long grass, you need the color blue or yellow so always try to select from these family colors.

Weight of Frisbee

This is a particular matter of preference. A big dog who enjoys boisterous outdoor games can choose a heavier frisbee while a lighter version would be ideal for indoor games with younger dogs and puppies.

Can be Easily Gripped by Dogs

You would want a frisbee which is going to be very easy for your dog to get back. Specifically, you don’t want anything that slips out of its mouth easily.

This is a benefit with lightweight or soft frisbee disks over rigid ones, though there are new versions with special grooves to enable your pet to clamp their teeth onto them.


Nothing really is indestructible in this world especially to a dog generally known as a strong, heavyweight chewer. That said, you always have to go with canine frisbees that can last longer than most.

You can also train your dog to stop expressing its anger on the frisbee. The frisbee must, therefore, be constructed of a substance capable of standing up to this. Dogs love to play battle tags with them so they need to be strong.

What is Dog Frisbee?

You probably know up to now what frisbee is still this is the little description of frisbee so you can better understand it.

A Frisbee dog is a flat toy with a disc-shaped design. It is thrown with a flick of the wrist and it glides through the air instead of “falling through the air,” the way a regular ball does.

Use a frisbee the same way you’d throw it at any other fetch toy and your dog will bring it back. But it is the gliding motion this makes a frisbee a unique fetch toy.

If tossed right, the dog will be able to chase the frisbee, jump and grab it in the middle of the air and that is fun for both the dog and you.

Why Should You Buy Dog Frisbee?

Why your dog needs a special frisbee? Why doesn’t a regular disc throw will work? Well, contrary to you and me, dogs have no hands.

They can catch them with their mouths. Because of this dog-designed frisbees are easier to grip, and made of flat surfaces and won’t crack your dog’s teeth.

Most frisbees dogs are made with a durable material keeping toughness and rough use in mind. The sharp teeth of your dog can tear off any regular disc.

Although Walmart’s cheap plastic frisbee can look similar, it can quickly break into sharp pieces of plastic that could hurt your dog.

You get a lot more mileage from a professional frisbee product that’s been built especially for a dog’s mouth as the safety is the priority.

Benefits of Frisbee for Dogs

Frisbees are wonderful dog toys as it helps them to have so much fun while releasing all kinds of pent-up energy. Every run and catch will keep your dog physically and mentally fit.

Not only that but also you will enjoy the pleasure of watching your dog race, hop and catch the disk in mid-air like an athlete.

If your dog is fond of playing, then a frisbee is one of the best dog games available. Frisbees are best suited for medium to large breeds-these pets have no trouble chasing down and catching a mid-air frisbee.

Many breeds love more than others to retrieve frisbees, particularly those who are quick, slim, weigh less than 50 pounds and have a passion for retrieving.

The great aspect of frisbees is that you can play with them wherever there is some open space.

Whether it’s on the beach, in the countryside or in a city park, perhaps in one of those areas set aside especially for playing with your dog, areas where you and your dog will not risk hurting passers-by.

Dogs love to play and balls tend to be harder to catch in mid-air, but frisbees are specifically designed to allow dogs to grab them as they fly over and hold their teeth onto them. This success will spur him to want to play on and on for a long time.

This activity helps you to give your dog a good workout to develop his pace, giving him great muscle strength and refine his reflexes and agility, make your four-legged pal even more responsive and well-coordinated.

Then you, the human, get a good upper body workout to toss the frisbee you’re using your back muscles, biceps then triceps, not to mention workouts for moderate movement.

Types of Dog Frisbees

Choosing between a soft and hard frisbee tends to come down to personal preference.

Many owners assume that buying a soft frisbee is the safest option, but nowadays most reputable dog toy companies meet incredibly high production standards, so you could safely opt for either version.

Hard Dogs Disks are typically just made of hard plastic which is particularly inflexible. Because of the nature of the material used, they are hard to twist through twisting but these Throwing Disks keep their shape all the time.

Hard Discs are the best for covering a long distance. Strong Disk is the perfect way to cover a long distance. The breeze doesn’t have a lot of effect on the flier, so the dog disk goes straight.

If your dog is very friendly and can also move very fast, you’ll enjoy playing with it.

Hard frisbees can wound your dog while trying to snatch it out of the air. A dental loss to your dog is the result this mostly happens with small puppies.

Hard frisbee covers a significant distance and if your dog is not very active to run, then it can miss it very often.

Soft Frisbee

Soft Dog Disc is very flexible and is very soft as well (as it is called soft). When you try to bend these disks, then you will consider them bendable, and when some force is applied they will also alter their form.

But when the stress is withdrawn these dog disks achieve their original shape. Such frisbees make of Rubbers, Nylon, PVC and other semi-rigid materials. There is no risk of accidents compared to hard frisbee.

Soft fliers cover a small distance than a hard one and are often advised if your dog is not able to run a long-distance You can place and carry these dog disks everywhere.

There is less chance of breaking of the disc as they can change their shape and they are soft. Such disks don’t weigh much and they can’t fly too far. Yet their arc is much less than an average.

Now you might be confused that what Dog Disc is correct for your dog, should you go with Soft or Hard But it’s not to worry at all, if you and your dog are able to go on a daily basis for a disc game then you should go with one heavy.

But if you’re just exercising your dog, on your congested area then the soft one is fine.

However, keep in mind the soft fliers are correct to choose from at the beginning as these disks do not go too far and are also easy to throw so your dog will be able to pick a ton of catches.

FAQs About Frisbees for Dogs

1. Is frisbee bad for dogs?

While acrobatic jumps for frisbees can contribute to injured knees, the running involved in fetching and frisbee catching helps to keep dogs fit, strong and healthy.

To prevent this try not to throw the frisbee too high and start playing slowly and then increase the level according to the ability of the dog. In most situations, the advantages of exercises such as fetching or catching frisbees outweigh the risks.

2. How do you teach a dog to catch frisbee?

It’s best to start training the dog to catch treats as you don’t want to throw a ball at first that could harm him. Keep his favorite treat in your hand, make sure he looks at it, then softly toss the treat at him.

If he doesn’t get it and the reward falls to the floor, before he gets it, attempt to scoop up the treat. This will serve as an opportunity for him to try a different way of getting the reward before it hits the ground.

Repeat, the steps. Have small sessions you might have three or five sessions per day. Practice regularly and it won’t be long until he masters pick rewards.

Once he’s reliably pulling treats out of the air, continue with toys and practice the trick. Start with smaller toys that are light-weight so if he misses, and they hit his face it doesn’t hurt him and turn him away from catching.

3. How do I get my dog to be interested in frisbee?

Get your dog familiar with the Frisbee, using it as a bowl for food or water. The technique works for older dogs and puppies.

This helps them to swap the disk with something good. Eventually switch the frisbee with another activity the dog loves, introducing the disc to the comfort level of your dog.

4. What is the cost of frisbee for dogs?

The price of frisbee for dogs ranges between $5 to max $30. The price of frisbee varies on its weight mainly and features like glow in dark, floats on water and chew resistant.

If you’re hunting for the most budget-friendly frisbee, go for Chukit Frisbee and want all the special features just to make the game very interesting then go for KONG – Flyer For dogs.

5. Which is the best frisbee for dogs?

The best frisbee for dogs is KONG-Flyer as it is constructed of sturdy silicone and is healthy for teeth and gums. If your dog is fond of fetching and capturing, then the Flyer is the perfect, easiest tool for play.

It provides precision flying and the sturdy rubber provides a soft grip so your dog will want to chase it over and over again. Most pets have plaque and tartar build-up issues this frisbee helps to clean your dog’s teeth while they are playing.


Frisbees are wonderful dog games as it lets them have so much fun when releasing pent-up energy of all sorts. Every run and catch will keep your dog mentally and physically healthy.

All the frisbees dogs mentioned are made with a durable material that keeps the toughness and the rough use in mind.

You can go with any of the choices according to your needs, Nonetheless, if you intend to compete in any of the agility competitions I will recommend you go with KONG-Flyer frisbee as it is designed according to the exact measurement of skilled frisbee.


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