The 10 Best Dog Stick Toys of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

After testing over 35+ products, we offer honest and unbiased reviews of the best dog stick toys for your pet to chew, fetch and have fun while playing.

Does your dog return with a stick each time you take him for a walk? Does he like to wander about bushes in search of wooden sticks to play fetch and chew? If a stick is what amuses your dog, then the ideal choice would be to get him a dog stick toy.

Dog stick toys are like natural sticks that dogs fetch and find across the street or amidst the bushes. Sticks are known to feed your dog’s natural instincts and encourage them to fetch and have fun.

Moreover, stick toys are safer and more durable as compared to natural sticks.

Therefore, for all those stick obsessed hounds, we decided to feed their natural instincts by reviewing the best dog stick toys.

The 10 Best Dog Stick Toys

Dog stick toys are indeed the most interactive tool as they encourage your pet to chew, play fetch, tug or simply imbibe foraging instincts in your dog.

These sticks are originally made of wood but dog stick toys are manufactured and designed in such a way, that they mimic natural stick toys found in the wild.

Dog stick toys are usually made of nylon, plastic or wood that is manufactured under safety standards and are pet safe.

They are textured and available in various shapes and sizes to suit your pet’s playing styles and chewing styles. These toys keep your pet engaged, stimulate them mentally and help in maintaining their oral health.

For all the benefits that these toys have to offer, we decided to review the best dog stick toys for your fur mate to enjoy his game of fetch and indulge in interactive games with the stick toy.

1. KONG Safestick Dog Toy

Best dog stick toys

The KONG Safestick Dog Toy is one of the best dog stick toys from our collection as it is very flexible, light and suitable for multipurpose use like playing fetch, tug of war or simply chewing.

It is also good for use in water and available in a range of sizes and colors.

It can be used for engaging your pet in exercise as well as encouraging them to play with other pets. KONG Toys are known for their durability and quality and are meant to survive for years.

YT – Pepper’s Picks

The bright colors make it easy to spot in water as well as amongst bushes.

The product is made of plastic that makes it a bendable and flexible material. The toy is quite interactive and guarantees fun and satisfaction to your pet. The safestix are good for indoor as well as outdoor use.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best dog stick toys.

Key Features:

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Plastic
  • Design: Plastic flexible stick
  • Suitable for: Small and Medium Dog Breeds

However, the toy clearly does not stand up to the KONG promise and is not as durable. It is especially not meant for aggressive dog breeds and may break almost easily.

2. Goughnuts MaXX Dog Stick Toy

Goughnuts MaXX Dog Stick Toy

The Goughnuts MaXX Dog Stick Toy is known for its extreme toughness and durability making it our premium dog stick toy from the list. It is suitable for dogs weighing 60-120 pounds and is curated and designed to keep aggressive chewers in mind.

The toy is made from tougher, reinforced rubber that is very strong and at the same time, safe for your pet. The stick toy makes for a great training tool as well. It is extremely light and floats like an ice cube.

The product has a red core on the inside which starts getting exposed once the toy has started to wear out. The visual color indication is a good example of the toy’s safety and at the same time makes it more reliable as a product.

Key Features:

  • Size: Large
  • Material: Rubber
  • Design: Black colored tough rubber chew stick
  • Suitable for: Large and aggressive dog breeds

The product comes with a lifetime guarantee as all its materials are sourced from the USA. It is meant for medium to large dog breeds.

The yellow dot indicates the toughness levels of the toy. However, the toy smells like chemicals and may not be quite durable as claimed by users.

3. WEST PAW Zogoflex Dog Stick Toy

WEST PAW Zogoflex Dog Stick Toy

The WEST PAW Zogoflex Dog Stick Toy is meant for aggressive chewers due to its tough design which makes it our best budget dog stick toy.

The shape is perfect for chewing and the material is quite soft and light. It can be used on land as well as water as it floats and makes for a great pool accessory.

The toy is a safe alternative to wooden sticks as they don’t chunk or break easily to cause injuries to your pet.

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If your pup loves to chew aggressively and gnaw, then the stick is a perfect choice for under a budget. The bright colors of the stick toy make it easy to spot and play fetch.

Moreover, the toy is easy to clean and handle as it is dishwasher safe. It comes with a 100% manufacturer’s guarantee against any damage making it quite safe and reliable for use.

All materials are sourced and manufactured in the USA which adds to its safety.

Key Features:

  • Size: Small
  • Material: Rubber
  • Design: Bone like design
  • Suitable for: Small dog breeds

However, pet parents complain that the toy is not as durable and barely lasts a few minutes in case of aggressive chewers. It is great for small breeds and for those who love to indulge in fetch. The product could be better in terms of quality.

4. Pet Qwerks BarkBone Dog Stick

Pet Qwerks BarkBone Dog Stick

The Pet Qwerks BarkBone Dog Stick is a very appealing toy to play with as it offers a great chewing experience that you craves along with a flavorful variety each time your dog savors on the stick.

It is made of nylon that makes it very durable and flexible.

The ingredients of the toy are sourced and made in the U.S.A. and it is made of FDA compliant nylon and peanut butter or mint flavor. Pet Qwerks uses a proprietary molding process and the flavoring is flash sterilized and encapsulated into the nylon.

As your dog keeps using and chewing on the toy, the taste and the flavor keeps releasing gradually. The dog stick is definitely durable for chewing but not meant for ingesting.

It also helps in maintaining your dog’s teeth and oral health apart from imparting a rich flavor that dogs love.

Key Features:

  • Size: Large
  • Material: Nylon and infused flavor
  • Design: Chew Bone like design
  • Suitable for: Medium to Large Dog Breeds

The major issue with the toy is its durability. It is not as durable as claimed and chunks off almost easily. It can also be dangerous if ingested and requires careful supervision. However, the rich flavor that it offers makes it worthwhile.

5. Nylabone Real Wood Dog Stick Toy

Nylabone Real Wood Dog Stick Toy

The Nylabone Real Wood Dog Stick Toy is a lot safer than other natural sticks and comes with varied textures on its surface to keep your dog challenged and intrigued into chewing. The stick toy is quite flavorful that adds more fun to his chewing.

The dog toy is large meaning it is a good fit for medium to large-sized dog breeds. It is great for satisfying your dog’s natural chewing instincts. It has a natural maple bacon flavor that feeds your dog’s wild instincts. These sticks are quite durable.

There is a varied range of sticks available based on your dog’s chewing style, right from medium to aggressive chewers, there is a stick for each pet.

The wooden bark like design is also very appealing to your pooch. Made of real wood, the bark helps in cleaning your dog’s teeth as well.

Key Features:

  • Size: Extra Large
  • Material: Real Wood
  • Design: Tree bark design textured surface
  • Suitable for: Medium to Large Dog Breeds

One problem with the stick toy is that it is too thin and is not exactly quite durable for chewing. The stick splinters upon excessive chewing and is not meant for very aggressive breeds as per claims.

6. West Paw Zogoflex Dog Fetching Stick

West Paw Zogoflex Dog Fetching Stick

How about a stick toy that is shaped and designed to fetch and fly as well as supports healthy chewing. The West Paw Zogoflex Dog Fetching Stick is an absolute fit for your dog’s cravings to chew and bite.

The toy is bendable, squishable, easy to grab and hold with their mouth and fun to chew.

The toy has been designed such that it can launch across greater distances. The aerodynamic design helps in greater launching while the bright colors help to spot the toy easily while playing fetch. The toy is made of rubber and is latex-free, making it safe for pets.

Since the toy is made in the USA, it is very reliable in terms of quality. You can also clean it by tossing it in the dishwasher making it easy to clean.

The toy has no chances of damaging your pet’s splinter or oral cavity and would not require strict supervision under any circumstances. Moreover, it also floats in water making it a great pool accessory to fling and swim.

Key Features:

  • Size: Large
  • Material: Nylon
  • Design: Tree bark design with divot and ridges
  • Suitable for: Small to Medium Dogs

The toy is extremely hollow on the inside. The material on the outside is quite hard and therefore it does not stand true to its description of being bendable and squishable. However, the aerodynamic design makes it a good dog stick toy for fetching.

7. Chew King Up North Bacon – Flavored Nylon Dog Stick

Chew King Up North Bacon – Flavored Nylon Dog Stick

The Chew King Up North Bacon-Flavored Nylon Dog Stick is an antler shaped dog stick toy that comes with a textured design to keep your pet challenged and intrigued for added fun while chewing and grabbing the stick.

The toy helps in reducing tartar and plaque maintaining your dog’s dental health.

The stick toy also has an added bacon flavor that entices your dog towards the toy while you can also use some tasty spreads and treats over the grooves for an added flavor. The stick is made of 100% nylon material that is totally flexible as well as safe for pets.

The stick toy is very easy to clean as it can be washed with soap and water. The antler shaped design supports your dog’s natural instincts as well.

The dimensions are appropriate for a medium to large-sized pet. The stick chew toys are suitable for dogs of all life stages.

Key Features:

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Nylon
  • Design: Tree bark design with divot and ridges
  • Suitable for: Small to Medium Dogs

Users say that the toy is not very engaging and has no space to fill treats and spreads within the toy. It could have been fun and entertaining but fails to keep your dog glued and occupied with the toy.

However, the added flavor may entice your pet to chew onto it for a while.

8. S&T INC. Natural Rubber Dog Stick Toy

S&T INC. Natural Rubber Dog Stick Toy

The S&T INC. Natural Rubber Dog Stick Toy has a very interactive and appealing design and is made of flexible, and durable rubber material that adds to more fun and bounce while playing.

The stick toy is made of safe and soft rubber that is gentle on your dog’s teeth.

The stick is approximately 12 inches in length that makes it suitable for medium to large-sized breeds. The designs and patterns may vary.

The stick toy can also be used to play fetch as it is light and weight and bounces as well. Moreover, it will help in maintaining your pup’s dental and oral health.

The stick comes in a tree bark like design that makes it easy to grip for both you and your pet. Make sure to supervise your pet while he indulges in play with the toy.

Key Features:

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Rubber
  • Design: Tree bark with camouflaged design
  • Suitable for: Medium to Large Dogs

However, the rubber is not very durable and does not sustain in case of large breeds. It can be dangerous if your dog ends up ingesting the toy. The toy can be used for tugging and fetching and is quite flexible as well.

9. Tuttomio Play-More Dog Stick

Tuttomio Play-More Dog Stick

The Tuttomio Play-More Dog Stick brings out your dog’s natural instincts as the play stick resembles a natural wood stick and helps to stimulate the canine side of your pup.

It is available in 2 sizes and made for most dog breeds. The natural-looking dog stick is made of durable rubber.

The stick has a very smooth and textured finish for your dog to not get injured while chewing and the continuous habit of chewing stimulates your dog mentally and physically. It has a very durable design and is light to be launched in the air and play fetch with.

The pet stick is multipurpose meaning, you can play fetch and bounce with the toy as well. It is a great toy to keep your pup physically as well as mentally engaged. The toy even floats in water, making it a great accessory for the pool.

Key Features:

  • Size: Large
  • Material: Rubber
  • Design: Tree bark design
  • Suitable for: Large Dogs

Pet parents claim that the toy is not durable and not meant for aggressive breeds. Moreover, it breaks down very easily and is not very suitable for long term use. However, its natural wood-like appearance keeps your dog intrigued by the toy.

10. Smart Dog Stick Bone for Dog

Smart Dog Stick Bone for Dog

The Smart Dog Stick Bone for Dog works as a great toothbrush and a tool to maintain your dog’s oral and dental health. The constant chewing on the toy helps in maintaining your dog’s teeth while also relieving anxiety and boredom in pets.

The toy also helps in releasing stress when he is alone at home. It can also be used for stuffing with your dog’s favorite treat or spread for added flavor while chewing. The toy is best suited for small, medium and large dogs and not meant for aggressive chewing.

The irregular ridges on its surface make sure to make a challenging chew time for your pet. It also has an inbuilt squeaker for keeping your dog more engaged with the toy while chewing and adds to the fun.

The chew toy is also dishwasher safe making it easy to clean and maintain.

Key Features:

  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Non-toxic rubber
  • Design: 360 degree wave chewable rubber with grooves and ridges
  • Suitable for: Small, Medium and Large Dogs

However, dog parents suggest that the stick is not very enticing and does not support in keeping your dog engaged. Additionally, it is not very durable and therefore not suitable for large dog breeds.

What is a Dog Stick Toy?

There is something about stick toys that excite dogs to every bit. You must have noticed that when you take your dog out for a walk, he likes wandering amidst the bushes in search of something to play with, be it a pebble or stick.

What is a Dog Stick Toy

Stick toys are easy to chew and fetch and keep your pet’s natural instincts alive. Moreover, each stick has a different size and shape that makes them more exciting as a toy.

Dogs love to chew onto the textured structure of the stick while it also helps in cleaning and shaping their teeth and strengthening their jaws.

Dog sticks can be used for playing fetch with your dog as well as keeping him engaged in constant play and activity for hours.

Dog Sticks also serve as perfect chew sticks that help in preventing boredom and curing anxiety in pets. These are also a great tool for teething puppies who constantly need something to chew onto.

Dog stick toys are very budget-friendly. Not just easy on the pocket, they are easy to carry as well as play with. Make new games with your friend, ask him to fetch them or simply play hide-and-seek with his toy. Stick toys are the easiest toy you can find for a dog.

Why Buy Dog Stick Toys?

While you must be wondering that sticks and tree bark can be easily available from anywhere naturally, why invest in a dog stick toy?

There are various aspects to consider before choosing any dog toy for your pet as we need to take care of their safety with the toy.

Why Buy Dog Stick Toys

Dog Toys that may be available naturally are not very safe for play. These sticks that are found in the jungle might be housing several bugs and germs that can have an adverse effect on your dog’s health.

They can cause digestive issues as well as allergic reactions like adverse skin reactions to your pet.

Moreover, naturally available sticks may have irregular and unshapely surfaces that can cause injury to your pet or damage their gums and teeth.

Sharp edges and surfaces can cause bleeding of the gums and can thereby injure your pet. If he unknowingly ends up ingesting chunks of the stick, it can cause grave consequences for his health.

Therefore, purchasing stick toys offers several benefits over getting natural stick toys as they are built according to your dog’s size, age and breed characteristics.

They are specifically designed to be gentle or extreme based on your dog’s chewing habits and are durable to sustain aggressive chewing.

Stick toys are also made of several types of materials that create more fun and bounce while playing. These are quite enhanced and much better than regular natural sticks both in terms of quality and fun.

Stick toys that are available commercially also come in a varied range of flavors that dogs enjoy in order to keep them attracted towards healthy and fun chewing with the stick.

The flavor keeps them more engaged for hours while they can savor a delicious taste as well as improve their teeth and gums.

Dog stick toys are a healthy investment and our range of best dog stick toys will not disappoint you or your pet.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Stick Toy?

Here are the steps you must follow to choose the best dog stick toy for your pet:


While looking for a dog stick toy, size is always a priority. This is because the toy that you choose has to be compatible and fit into your dog’s mouth to be able to hold and grab appropriately.

If the size of your dog is too large then he may easily end up ingesting the stick toy that can cause major issues.

At the same time, if your dog is too small, then he may not be able to hold or grab a large stick in his mouth and eventually, may stop playing with the toy if he feels uncomfortable.

Therefore, while choosing a stick toy, choose one that size or two more than your dog’s regular dimensions. If your dog is a large dog breed, always consider a size larger. Moreover, make sure to supervise that your dog does not end up ingesting the toy.


Dog sticks are made of several materials like plastic or wood or rubber. While wood gives a natural feeling, wood is susceptible to being destroyed or broken easily and the rough edges may cause injury or damage to your pet.

Therefore, something that mimics natural wood is plastic. Plastic is lighter and durable. However, it is not meant for aggressive chewers as they may destroy it easily.

Moreover, plastic can easily harbor pathogens and germs within its porous structure which can be harmful. If not maintained or cleaned regularly, plastic dog stick toys can be dangerous.

One of the best choices is to invest in rubber. Rubber is durable, chew-proof, strong and flexible as well as bouncy. Rubber sticks are wonderful for heavy and aggressive chewers.

They are meant to be made for long hours of chewing and playing and are also easy to clean and maintain.

Rubber might be slightly highly-priced as compared to plastic. However, rubber is safer and more durable for most dog breeds.


The durability of the stick toy also depends upon the brand and material. High-quality dog toy brands like KONG, Chuckit!, etc. make sure to use rubber that is durable and natural, thereby not causing any harm and at the same time, lasting for years.

Various branded and high-quality dog brands are also tested for their durability through quality checks and by testing upon several dogs.

Remember, the more durable your toy, the more value for money it is!


While stick toys are mostly used by dogs for chewing and playing fetch, it is important that the stick toys are made of pet-safe materials and do not cause any unwanted reactions while your pet fetches it using his mouth.

The toy should not have any artificial colors or chemicals used that can cause allergies in pets. Since he would be directly licking and chewing the toy, extra care has to be taken that the toy you use is of good quality and uses food-grade ingredients only.

The toy should have a suitable shape with no sharp edges or rough surfaces. It should have non-edgy surfaces and should not have used any artificial flavors or chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Therefore, it is important to read the label carefully, before considering buying a stick dog toy.

Multipurpose Use

Dog Stick Toys can ideally be used for several purposes be it for playing fetch, chewing, hide-and-seek, as a chew treat in case of flavor filled stick toys and much more.

Therefore, make sure to look out for a stick that can solve all the above purposes.

If it is light, then it can be used for playing catch and fetch, if it is smooth and durable, it can be used for chewing and if it is compact, tiny and portable, it can be carried out during picnics or outings, anywhere you go.

There are certain dog stick toys that are also water friendly and can be used in the pool. These stick toys are great for playing fetch on land and in water both. Such multipurpose toys serve as a good value for money.

FAQs for Dog Stick Toys

1. Are dog stick toys safe?

Yes! Dog stick toys are quite safe and healthy toys to chew and play with. They help in improving your dog’s teeth and gums and also help in keeping your dog’s natural instincts alive. If dealt with supervision and care, then dog sticks are a great toy for your pet.

2. Are dogs obsessed with stick toys?

Maybe! Dogs usually like playing with and fetching stick toys. When they find a stick toy anywhere amidst the garden or bushes, they like to fetch it and chew it for fun.

It helps in reviving their instincts from the wild and keeps them active and agile while they play fetch with the stick toy. Therefore, a stick toy serves as a multipurpose toy for your dog to enjoy and remain engaged.

3. How much for dog stick toys?

Dog Stick Toys cost anywhere between $8-$28 depending upon the material, quality, size, durability and various other factors. One of the best dog stick toys under a budget is the WEST PAW Zogoflex Dog Stick Toy that costs anywhere between $8-$10.

A premium range of dog stick toys is the Goughnuts MaXX Dog Stick Toy that costs around $26-$28. The overall best dog stick toy is the KONG Safestick Dog Toy that costs around $13-$15.

4. What is the best dog stick toy?

According to us, the best dog stick toy is the KONG Safestick Dog Toy that is flexible and bendable as well as promises the KONG quality.

A premium range of dog stick toys is the Goughnuts MaXX Dog Stick Toy that is very tough and meant for the most aggressive chewers.

A budget dog stick toy would be the WEST PAW Zogoflex Dog Stick Toy that is vibrant and appealing and safe as compared to wooden sticks.

Final Note

Dog Stick Toys encourage your dog to hunt and forage as well as chew and fetch. This keeps their playfulness and natural instincts alive. Moreover, stick toys are safe as compared to natural chew sticks as they do not chop off easily.

They are safer and healthier for small pups as well as aggressive hounds. These stick toys are available in various sizes, shapes and designs to suit your pet’s habits.

They are fairly easy to carry and play with and make for very interactive toys for your pet’s all-around development.

Read our reviews on the best dog stick toys as we help you choose from a range of sticks for your pet to have a fun play session.

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