The 10 Best Flat Faced Dog Bowls of 2023

We choose the 10 best flat-faced dog bowls to facilitate your smushed face dogs with the bowls that are specially designed for Brachycephalic dogs (smushed-face) for easy feeding of food and water.

Most pet owners are fond of breeds such as pugs or flat face dogs. But, there is a very lack of awareness about the health problem with which they suffer.

The breed can not be fed from standard bowls and is very dangerous for them because they suffer from Brachycephalic, which can cause food choking.

So flat-faced dog bowl is the alternative that will make the food your pet eats fun and nutritious with a stunning pet bowl slanted style. It’s great for messy eaters or cute nose-squished pets that find it hard to get meals left in the container corner.

Here’s a list of the 10 best flat-faced dog bowls based on durability, mobility, and capacity to make your decision a lot easier.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

The Best Flat-Faced Dog Bowls of 2023

1. YMAXGO French Bulldog Ceramics Food Bowl — Best Overall

YMAXGO French Bulldog Ceramics Food Bowl

Our first choice is the YMAXGO French Bulldog Ceramics Food Bowl.

The ceramic bowl tilt design makes eating more convenient. The bracket raises the height of the bowl, to make the dog more likely to eat.

The whole will not move when the pet is eating. The bowl is an open design so that your dog can eat easily in the last portion of food.

The anti-spill method for Dry Kibble or Wet Food Therapy, with less dirt, makes the dog’s eating easier. Particularly suitable for breeds with a flat face & short nose. The 7.0 * 7.0 * 3.5-inch bowl size is large enough to hold up to 2 cup of water for your dog.

The dining table is made of plastic which is environmentally friendly, and the bowl is made of ceramic.

The table and bowl are fitted with anti-slip mats to prevent movement of the table and food bowl when the dog is eating. The dog will eat with more peace of mind and can enjoy his meal.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best flat faced dog bowl.

2. Our pets Company 2400012856 Tilt-A-Bowl — Premium Choice

Our pets Company 2400012856 Tilt-A-Bowl

Our pets Company 2400012856 Tilt-A-Bowl takes our premium product placement for the best Flat Faced Dog Bowl.

The Enhanced Pet Bowl was made oversized with the front flat part of the bowl about the size of a typical bowl you’d be using.

With the additional sloped edge incorporated into the bowl’s back end. This design makes the bowl look enormous, but it’s part of what makes it so effective. So be confident it will yield great results.

The Improved dog bowl had been built for flat-faced dogs. It has a special proprietary feature with a ridge built into the bowl’s back end allowing flat-faced pets to easily access their meal. This results in less clutter, reduce mess and helps for better digestion.

Ultimately, a bowl designed for a flat-faced breed pet that can even provide a decent size. The medium version of the bowl will accommodate up to two and half cups total intended for 20-55 lbs dogs.

If the effects are not instantaneous, several times that simply means that with this new design the dog needs to learn how to change the speed it feeds at. Please give 2 weeks for your dog to get familiar with the dog bowl.

3. Super Design Mess Free 15° Slanted Bowl for Dogs — Best Value

Super Design Mess Free 15° Slanted Bowl

The Super Design Mess Free 15° Slanted Bowl for Dogs is one of the best Flat Faced Dog Bowls.

Ergonomic 15 Degree Tilted design makes the food concentrate on the bottom and makes it your pet easy to empty the food. A higher round arc design makes food not easy to overflow the edge. Hard to turn over, heavy-duty stand with non-slip feet.

For dogs medium and a small bowl in size of less than 6.6lbs, carry about 1/2 cup particle food. This is one of the best easy-to-wash stainless steel bowls with a melamine stand.

With it, you don’t have to bend over to scrub food off of the floor after your pets’ eating.

It’s ideal for messy eaters or adorable squished nose dogs who find it hard to get meals left in the tub corner, even good for old dogs and little dogs who have or are losing or lost their sight, who find it hard to finish all their food in a normal circular bowl.

4. YYHY Ceramic Raised Food Bowl

YYHY Ceramic Raised Food Bowl

Our next choice for best Flat Faced Dog Bowls is YYHY Ceramic Raised Food Bowl.

The tilted form holds the food piled up neatly or drops down to the bottom, it helps to keep the pet food from being knocked off the tray, perfect for feeding the DOG.

Great for flat-faced dogs, the bowls of the dog have the right height, allowing the dog to feed more easily in the belly. Then your dog will easily sit down and eat.

The stable base is wider, it makes for secure eating without the mess of tipping over. Cutting down drastically on making a mess.

Lead and cadmium free, anti-corrosion and rustproof, sanitary and healthy and microwave and dishwasher safe. This dog bowl will surely enrich the eating experience for your short snout dog.

Dog owners can appreciate the convenience of tossing the cat bowl into the dishwasher and flipping on the switch. The raised cat bowl put a cat’s mouth in a better position in relation to its stomach, it helps the dog swallow more easily.

Get the best collapsible dog bowl that makes it easy for you to feed water and food to your pooch on your adventurous trips.

5. Enhanced Pet Bowl Stainless Steel Bowl for Flat-Faced

Enhanced Pet Bowl Stainless Steel Bowl

If you need a more affordable choice, the Enhanced Pet Bowl Stainless Steel Bowl for Flat-Faced is a great alternative to our top pick.

It is simple and does exactly what it needs your dog to do. Bowl is easy to clean and fast to dry. It is on the small side, but then that works to his benefit because 5 x 2 x 4 is the right size for the small bowl that’s big enough to hold up to two cups.

The material is 100 percent healthy for pets as the manufacturer guarantees. The products are used to bring in every product quality and that the concept is enjoyable to use. Let your pet just blend in with a new bowl.

The products from stainless steel mean it will last you longer than any other alternative. This inclined bowl is made of high-quality, heavy-duty stainless steel with a proprietary rubber ring on the base that avoids slipping, skidding and noise.

Get the best non-spill dog bowl if your pet spills water or food from his bowl to prevent him from messing the floor.

6. Think Pet Slanted Food Bowl for Dogs

Think Pet Slanted Food Bowl

Our next choice for best Flat Faced Dog Bowls is Think Pet Slanted Food Bowl.

Shallow and angled makes it easy for your dog to get the meal, avoiding whisker exhaustion and making it more convenient to eat. Til table arrangement in keeping with the eating habits of the cat, as cats chew their food, prevent food spilling.

Silicone strap on the bottom to protect the floor and keep the bowl from falling during mealtime. A high-quality dog food bowl-made from high-quality ABS. the bowl is corrosion and high-temperature resistant, suitable for dishwashing.

The bowl height is ideal for small dogs such as the front wide 1.375 inches, the rear high 2 inches, the bottom width 3.125 inches and the top width 5.125 inches which can accommodate 1 cup of particle food in all.

7. YMAXGO Ceramics Single Food Feeding Bowl for Flat Face Dogs

YMAXGO Ceramics Single Food Feeding Bowl

The bowl size is higher than many options on the market since this bowl can hold up to 7 cups of water. YMAXGO Ceramics Single Food Feeding Bowl for Flat Face Dogs ensures it can be used for a large breed of dogs and you need not worry about the overflowing bowl and messy kitchen floor.

This ceramic food feeding bowl for a puppy is specially designed for Bulldogs and flat-faced pets.

Easy-deglutition oblique shape to maintain a healthy appetite and has a rubber bottom to help from falling over so that the dog won’t knock his head again in the bowl.

This ceramic bowl is durable but does need extra care while handling. It is rust and odor-free unless like stainless steel, a healthy alternative to others. Strictly tested items, every purchase will have a one-year worry-free guarantee.

8. PETKIT Elevated Food Bowl with Stand

PETKIT Elevated Food Bowl

PETKIT Elevated tilted small cat food bowl offers easy eating and licking comfort.

Comfortable feeding height promotes digestive health and makes mealtime more comfortable for your pets with arthritis, neck or back problems.5.4” wide cat feeding bowl enhances comfort while eating, also for dogs with flat faces.

And transparent design offers visible dining for you. The Petkit bowl is strong and non-friable.

This elevated bowl is a good choice for the messy eater as your dog will be more comfortable. A slightly inclined surface prevents food spill out.

And features 4 skid proof rubberized grips at the bottom for proper gripping. Compare to the steel bowl this one is quite silent when eating. And it looks so stylish and will blend in with your kitchen decor.

Simply press the dog bowl into a 0/15 degree buckle, it will keep secure in place. It is also easy to use as the bowls are removable and dishwasher safe.

But a bowl can not be kept in the microwave for quick food eating. The attractive design looks great in home decoration.

9. Prosper pet products The Dog Feeder Raised Bowls

Prosper pet products The Dog Feeder Raised Bowls

These ceramic bowls for your pooch may not be described as an enhanced food bowl but it is suitable for a flat-face breed dog due to the bowl and stand design.

The shallowness of the bowl allows dogs to eat from the corners and this bowl is a square it makes it unique from the regular dog bowl design.

This altered feeder for dog bowls can be useful to elderly, arthritic or disabled dogs. Eating with a head-down stance will lead the dog to unnecessary discomfort and pain.

When this slanted and elevating dog feeder, the pet will no longer have to suffer bending pains and strains because they don’t have to lean down as far as to eat.

This collection is designed specifically for small to medium and is lead-free. Cleanup is a breeze for healthy ceramic bowls that are individually removed from the dishwasher.

The smooth edge angled ceramic bowl shape provides a wide opening to assist in discomfort from feline whiskers. The embedded non-skid bottom keeps the stylish wooden base from sliding on wood or tile floors around.

10. DotPet Elevated Double Dog Bowls

DotPet Elevated Double Dog Bowls

15 ° Adjustable tilted, raised pet stand to eat the food better, easier to Lick. Relaxed feeding height of the raised food bowl supports digestive health and makes the pets with arthritis, spine or back issues more relaxed at mealtime.

The good plastic dog bowl from DotPet is made of specialized high quality safe and non-toxic. The stand is made of ABS material, which is more durable and resistant to dropping when used.

ABS base table is stable, and low center of gravity architecture. This will help prevent the dogs from getting knocked over while feeding.

With 4 rubber feet prevent skids and noise, bowls are prevented from slipping, and ground scratching is stopped. The transparent grey bowls are reusable, the bottom is hollow and easy to take out for cleaning.

Buyer’s Guide:How to Choose a Flat-Faced Dog Bowl?

When choosing the best flat-faced dog bowl, there are a few items you should remember whether it’s a regular food bowl or an enhanced dog food bowl.

  • Durability

It should sustain each and every mealtime even it is a messy or rough eater. If the quality of a food bowl is not good there are many chances that your dog will chew off the bowl too.

  • Stability

How fast was it to turn the bowl during feeding, or push it around? Your pug is likely to flip the dish over the board. Will avoid only looking for rubber grip food bowls or non-slip dog bowls.

  • Travel-Friendly

If you are going to travel a lot with your dog, always go for a lightweight bowl of food. And you may need a convenient food bowl plus easy to carry.

  • Ease of cleaning

There’s no doubt that cleaning food bowls all by yourself can be quite daunting, so why should you also consider whether it’s safe for your dishwasher to clean the bowl easily or not?

What are Flat-Faced Dogs?

As the name suggests that flat-faced breeds are the type of dogs that have smush in the short snouts-like nose. The flat face is a brachycephalic common name.

This identifies any dog with a lower jaw longer than its upper jaw, so that the muzzle looks flattened or squashed inward.

Many breeds such as pugs naturally have a flat face. Others such as a boxer might be considered on the semi-flat face. Many types are clearly flat-faced, even if you look at them, you can tell them.

Most dog breeds have flat faces or smushed ears. Just like the English Bulldog, Shih-Tzu, Boxer, Boston Terrier, Pug, English Mastiff, etc.

Cute as they may be, flat-faced dogs have usually reduced airways, meaning their nostrils and windpipe are much narrower than other breeds, and these small nostrils make it difficult for them to breathe normally through their noses.

A narrow windpipe is the tube that pulls air from the nose to the lungs which means it takes more effort to pull air into the lungs. This can put a lot of strain on the muscles and tissue around the windpipe, gradually making the situation worse.

This can cause breathing problems, which may be the reason why your pooch is just sitting there, huffing and wheezing.

This poses a specific problem at mealtime. The bowl walls press hard against the nose which makes it hard to breathe through the nose.

Problems With Traditional Dog Bowls

In the fervor of guzzling down his dinner, flat-faced dogs such as rowdy have an increased likelihood of choking and many other issues.

But there are ways to lessen the likelihood that this will not happen to your sweet, scrunchy-faced dog. Only when you encourage them to eat from regular bowls can such troubles get worse.

Below are some of the common problems your flat-faced friends may have with normal dog bowls.

  • Choking

Considering their short and narrow airways, they can easily choke during meal times. They’ll be struggling to inhale the food and some food particles could find their way into their airways causing them to choke.

  • Vomiting

This normally occurs when they have not eaten enough food previously, perhaps due to the trouble they went through trying to access the food in the normal dog bowls.

  • Excessive Gassiness

While your dog tries to get his kibble, he can swallow tons of air in his digestive tract which in turn causes excessive gassiness or discomfort. To them, it is just as uncomfortable as it is to us.

  • Underfeeding

You may be wondering how the type of dog bowls could affect the way they’d feed on whatever is placed on the bowls.

Well, when they choke, vomit, or bloat, there’s a high probability they won’t want to eat again at that particular moment and might also be hesitant to eat again for the better part of the day.

  • Poor Hygiene

However, some food particles tend to remain at the bottom surfaces of the bowls even after cleaning. These particles can pose a serious threat to their general health as they’ll be prone to suffering from related bacterial infections.

  • Discomfort

Your dog may face many discomforts from the normal bowls when eating. While drinking or eating from the bowl, they will be forced to hold their faces down, which is not favorable to their physical structure.

This pose may result in some extra tension on their necks and back, resulting in pain.

Why Do They Need Enhanced Dog Bowl or Flat-Faced Dog Bowl?

Your flat-faced dog must smoosh its inside face with a typical dog bowl. The bowl walls press tightly against the nose which makes it hard to breathe through the nose.

As a result, your flat-faced dog eats faster, inhaling air through the mouth as he goes. That is something you don’t want as we found when we ranked the unique slow feeding dog bowls. Your flat-face friend needs a special bowl.

Tilted bowls allow the kibble to gather at one end, making access to his food easy for your dog.

Many dogs can become frustrated with the flat bowls as they push the food out of reach, resulting in them pushing the bowls around and tipping them over to reach the pieces entirely.

Furthermore, the tilt in the bowl helps your pooch to breathe easier. Since they don’t need to press their face flat against the pot anymore, they have room to breathe.

If your flat-faced dog with a flat-bottomed bowl doesn’t struggle too much but you still want to help him out, try a shallow bowl. The much shorter sides make it easier for him to reach his meals comfortably.

How Flat-Faced Dog Bowls are Different?

Such bowls are designed to make your short-snouted pooch easier to have mealtimes. How does this work out?

Okay, the following features generally apply to a flat-faced bowl Wide opening so your dog won’t wedge his face inside the bowl Tilted form to keep your dog from smearing his meal over his nose.

Slanted back so that the nose of your dog won’t be rubbed against the bowl edge, allowing him to breathe through his nose when feeding. Not fancy, right? You’d be surprised at how these basic additions make your pup’s mealtime more enjoyable.

FAQs About Flat-Faced Dog Bowl

1. What is Brachycephalic condition?

Brachycephalic syndrome is a medical disease that can cause short-nosed dogs and cats to experience extreme respiratory distress.

It is harder to breathe, in circumstances of exercise, pain, or heat an animal with these anomalies may not be able to take deep or rapid enough breath to blow off carbon dioxide.

It adds to anxiety and further increases the breathing rate and heart rate, resulting in a vicious cycle that can quickly lead to a life-threatening situation.

2. Why do dogs try to flip their food bowls?

Mostly flat-faced dogs cannot eat from deep bowls and are unable to reach that last piece of kibble which makes them flip the bowl and eat from the floor instead of fighting with the bowl.

But there may be other reasons for that such as many dogs do not like certain food bowl features. Sometimes the bowl shakes too much and creates noise or dogs gets distracted from reflections while they use a metal bowl.

Many dogs may be put off feeding on their dish if they don’t like odors such as soap residue.

3. Which is the best flat-faced bowl?

YMAXGO French Bulldog Ceramics Food Bowl is the best food bowl for a flat-faced dog since this type of ceramic bowl tilt makes it easier to eat. The bracket raises the height of the platter to increase the chances of swallowing the puppy.

These consist of a rubber grip at the bottom that will hold the bowl in its place for a sloppy eater so your dog can get even the bowl’s last kibble.

4. What is the cost of a flat-faced dog bowl?

The cost dog bowl mainly depends on the quality as the quality also increases the price, which ends up being cost-effective as it lasts longer. The material also plays a significant price factor.

Compared to the stainless steel ones, the plastic bowl is much cheaper. But irrespective of the price you should always look for a dog bowl whose inclination is greater than or equal to 15 degrees angle


All the bowls our expert’s team at DogLovesBest are best suited for your dog and will make your meal more satisfying and fantastic. Anyhow, there is one bowl that outshines all the products listed.

YMAXGO French Bulldog Ceramics Food Bowl is the best flat face dog bowl it’s a ceramic bowl that lasts longer and makes it easier for dogs to eat with a great angle of inclination.

Though you can select any of the mentioned above options as all the mentioned enhanced dog bowls are the best in the market.


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