The 7 Best Wood Dog Toys of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

After testing over 25+ toys, we bring you honest and unbiased reviews of the best wood dog toys that are safe and engaging for your fido.

Dog toys and pet toys are available in various materials, the most common being plastic. However, plastic toys are not always petted safe and are very porous in nature.

They can easily trap micro-organisms into their porous surfaces which can cause diseases to pets. These toys regularly come in contact with your fido’s mouth and may lead to intestinal infections as well.

The safest alternative to this is to choose the best wood dog toys. They are made of simple and basic unprocessed wood and are a great chew toy to cure boredom and anxiety in dogs.

Unlike plastic and metal toys, they have fewer chances of causing injuries or infections.

Therefore, we decided to review the best wood dog toys for your pooch to enjoy their playtime with safety.

The 7 Best Wood Dog Toys of 2023

1. Petstages Dogwood Dog Chew Sticks

Best Wood Dog Toys

The Petstages Dogwood Dog Chew Sticks is one of the best wood dog toys and makes it to the top of our list as well.

It is a durable alternative wood chew toy and is much safer as compared to other synthetic and plastic-based toys. It mimics the texture and taste of actual wood chew sticks to keep the taste flavor and essence intact.

This is a safe alternative to traditional wood as the stick won’t splinter, causing less mess and not injuring your pet’s mouth.

The wood dog toy is made from a blend of natural wood and synthetic materials. The toy makes for a very interactive game and can even be used to play fetch on the ground or at the pool.

Make sure to not leave your pooch unsupervised when he chews onto the toy and it can provide hours of fun to prevent boredom and anxiety.

The wood dog toy can satisfy your pet’s natural chewing urges. The product is made in the U.S.A. and uses high-quality materials while manufacturing.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best wood dog toys.


  • Blend of natural wood and synthetic fibers
  • Textured and flavored with natural wood
  • Encourages chewing behavior and improves dental health
  • 4 different sizes for all breeds and life stages

Certain pet parents claim that the dog toy uses harmful chemicals and is not safe for pets. However, it is great in terms of durability and in keeping your dog engaged.

2. Ware Gorilla Chew Wood Dog Toy

Ware Gorilla Chew Wood Dog Toy

Ware Gorilla Chew Wood Dog Toy makes it our premium range of wood dog toys as these are tough, durable, and strong. Your dog can savor onto the chew toy for hours of fun and prevent boredom.

The wood dog toy also takes care of your dog’s gums and overall dental health. The wood dog toy creates zero mess and is not smelly at all. It is stainproof as well as easy to handle, and clean. It is very tough and made for the most aggressive chewers.

The dog chew toy is strong, satisfying, and made of safe materials. It is available in 3 size variants making it suitable for most dog breeds. It gives out a natural woody smell when it comes in contact with moisture.


  • Large wooden dog chew
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • No smells or stains
  • 3 size variants available
  • Suitable for all dog breeds

Certain pet parents claim that the wood particles start chipping off and if your dog ingests it, it can get dangerous.

The toy is very irregularly shaped and can cause injuries, especially to small pups. All in all, the product stands apart in terms of durability which makes it our premium choice of wood dog toys.

3. Petstages Ruffwood Dog Chew Toys

Petstages Ruffwood Dog Chew Toys

The Petstages Ruffwood Dog Chew Toys is the best budget wood dog toy as it combines the natural wood flavor along with immense synthetic strength. The toy is made in the U.S.A. and is available in a range of sizes for different dog breeds.

The wood dog toy is ideal for training and playing fetch with your pup. It can also be used in the pool as it is extremely light and floats. Built and crafted with quality and durability in mind, these dog sticks are safer and last longer than regular chew sticks.

These are free of chemicals and reduce boredom and anxiety in pets for long hours of chewing. The dog stick is suitable for moderate chewers and built for dogs of all life stages. It is available in 4 size variants to suit every breed.

Key Features

  • Taste and smell of real wood
  • Strong and Durable dog toy
  • Multiple size variants available
  • Made in the USA
  • Suitable for all life stages

Certain dog parents claim that the product is harmful as it contains toxic chemicals and causes splinters which are infectious to pets. The toy forms wood shreds and pieces at times.

4. Nylabone Real Wood Stick Chew Toy

Nylabone Real Wood Stick Chew Toy

The Nylabone Real Wood Stick Chew Toy provides a healthier and safer alternative to chew sticks and dogs enjoy playing with it.

It forms no splinters and there are no chances for your canine to ingest small fibers. The toy is very safe and convenient to handle and has a bark-like texture that makes it feel like natural wood.

The wood dog toy is made for medium chewing style and additionally features a maple bacon flavor that dogs love the taste of.

It also helps in maintaining their dental health and gives them fresh breath. It is a great tool for satisfying your dog’s natural chewing instincts.

Combining taste and durability, this chew toy comes with a size guide that helps you choose a toy based on your pup’s breed and size.

The wood dog chew toy is suitable for dogs up to 35 lbs. It prevents destructive chewing, chewing due to stress and anxiety, and also helps pups who are in their teething stages.

Key Features

  • A good alternative to real sticks
  • Textured chew toy
  • Maple Bacon flavor to satisfy a dog’s taste buds
  • Available in 3 chewing variants

The chew toy is very thin and is not quite true to size. As per what the manufacturer’s claim, it causes splinters which may end up injuring your pet.

5. Pet Qwerks REAL WOOD Antler Wooden Dog Chew Toy

Pet Qwerks REAL WOOD Antler Wooden Dog Chew Toy

The Pet Qwerks REAL WOOD Antler Wooden Dog Chew Toy is made of real wood and food-grade polymer to ensure your pup’s safety during his play hours at all times.

The Antler based real wood toy has a smoked cheese flavor with no shards or sharp points, thereby causing no injuries to your pup.

The flavor is absolutely free of allergens while the product does not contain any fillers like peanuts or other edibles. It is suitable for medium grade chewing and the smokey cheese flavor is too good to satisfy your pup’s taste buds.

It not only adds flavor but also helps in your pet’s overall dental health by taking care of their teeth, freshening their breath and preventing anxiety and boredom in pets.

Combining the goodness of entertainment and taste, the antler wood toy is available in 4 size variants as per your dog’s age.

Key Features

  • Contains real wood and food grade polymer
  • 100% natural smoked cheese flavor
  • Made for moderate chewing
  • Duplicated from real elk and deer antlers

Pet parents claim that the product is not durable and not true to size. It barely lasts for a day and is definitely not made for aggressive chewing. However, it offers a great taste and is quite safe for your pet.

6. Pet Full House WoofWood Dog Chew Sticks

Pet Full House WoofWood Dog Chew Sticks

The Pet Full House WoofWood Dog Chew Sticks is made of 100% natural wood obtained from coffee plants. Being derived from coffee plants, it does not contain any traces of caffeine or other preservatives.

The toy is known to be safer than real chewing sticks and is sure to cause no allergies or unwanted reactions making the product absolutely safe.

The fibers of the wood dog toy do not splinter or destroy easily and are very small. These can be easily swallowed and digested without any harm.

The product also has some traces of cellulose fiber as they aid in digestion and help in maintaining gut and colon health.

The wood fibers are extremely safe and the toy is strong, durable and long-lasting. The natural coffee fibers present in the wood dog toy help in flossing and cleaning the extreme corners of your pet’s teeth.

Every bite will ensure natural dental care and will help in maintaining your dog’s oral health.

Key Features

  • 100% Safe and Natural Coffee Wood
  • No artificial ingredients or additives
  • Available in 3 size variants
  • Contains cellulose fibers
  • Maintains digestive and oral health

The wood dog chew toy is available in 3 size variants, but the toy is not very durable and chew proof. The large sizes are easily chomped off and the toy barely lasts for a few hours which is definitely not worth the price.

7. SunGrow Wooden Dog Chew Toy

SunGrow Wooden Dog Chew Toy

The SunGrow Wooden Dog Chew Toy is made for the most aggressive breeds and comes as one rigid piece ensuring no mess and no smell.

The toy makes for a great pastime for your pooch, not just for chewing but also for training and exercising. The synthetic like the surface of the bone is so smooth, it will not form any splinters.

The durable wood chew toy is strong as well as light in weight and can sustain strong chewing with no dents or damages. Your dog can simply spend hours chewing the toy or you could play fetch with the bone-shaped product.

The dog bone is free of chemicals, phthalates, plastics, or any dangerous substances and is made of 100% natural solid wood.

It will not only help in calming your dog of anxiety but also maintain their gums and oral health. The wood dog chew toy is safer than plastic toys and is best-suited for hyper-energetic dogs.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and Easy Grip
  • Small and Compact Size
  • 100 % Natural Solid Wood
  • No chemicals, phthalates, or dangerous substances

However, as users claim, the product is not great for aggressive chewers and does not do justice in terms of durability. However, it is very safe and made of natural wood that makes it stand apart from other plastic-based toys.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose the Best Wood Dog Toys?

Here are the steps you must consider in order to choose the best wood dog toys:


Size is an important feature to consider before choosing a wood dog toy for your fur mate. It should not be too large to not fit in his mouth and not be too small that your pup ends up ingesting the toy.

Therefore, size becomes a primary concern as your dog should not end up injuring itself by ingesting the toy.


Since the wood dog toys are used as chew toys, they should be durable and sustain chewing by aggressive breeds. Durable wood dog toys are usually sourced from the best places and the raw materials are of high quality that lasts long.


Wood dog toys may have grooves and ridges over their surface that provides your dog an easy grip while chewing.

These are also very beneficial for your dog’s dental health as chewing on these toys can help in flossing gums and keeping their jaws and teeth healthy.

Look for a design that is simple, easy to clean, and does not cause any harm or injury due to additional attachments or pointed surfaces.

Flavor and Scent

Various wood toys or chew toys come with added flavors like meat or a natural woody flavor to encourage dogs to chew more.

They also come with various fragrances that instantly attract your pet and can be used as a great tool to distract them and make them obey you.

Wood dog toys can also be used for training as dogs will crave the flavor and scent associated with the toy.

Make sure to check the quality if you are looking for a flavored or scented wood toy as it may contain harmful chemicals masked under fragrances and flavors.


Since your dogs would constantly chew on the wood toys, they need to be of reliable quality.

Toys and pet products that are manufactured in the U.S.A., Australia, or New Zealand are worth relying upon as their raw materials are brought from trusted sources and do not contain any artificial chemicals or toxic substances.

Why Do Dogs Chew on Wood?

Dogs are very curious creatures and like to explore everything through taste or smell.

Generally, dogs and puppies who are used to staying in the wild can chew on a varied range of objects like meat as well as wood. Chewing onto something gives them a sense of satisfaction and calms them of anxiety or boredom.

At times, certain pets suffer from Pica which is a condition characterized by eating inedible or harmful objects. Pica can be a result of inappropriate nutrition in pets or due to the presence of intestinal parasites.

If your pup continues to chew on household furniture then you must show your pooch to the vet.

While chewing on wood is not bad, it should not be cultivated unless the wood is safe to chew. Dogs may have the urge to chew onto something while they are teething. Chewing on wood can help dogs relieve stress and alleviate boredom.

However, you always need to keep your pet under supervision if he is habituated to chewing on wood. Wood can easily break apart and the splinters of wood can cause scratches and abrasions on your dog’s throat.

Moreover, it can also cause infections in their digestive tract. Your fido may have a hard time recovering from these abrasions and infections.

You can encourage the use of softwood toys instead of natural wood to kill their boredom and relieve them of anxiety. There are various wood toys available which are good for chewing and for teething pups.


1. Is it ok for dogs to eat wood?

While it is not harmful to dogs to eat wood, it should not be made a habit as pets can suffer from a condition called Pica.

This is characterized by eating inedible objects and can be due to an infection. Dogs may want to chew onto wood only to calm themselves of anxiety or boredom.

2. Can puppies chew on wooden toys?

Teething puppies can chew on wooden toys as it calms them of anxiety and urges them to bite onto something. However, they should be around 3 weeks to 6 months old, once they start teething to chew onto wooden toys.

3. How to clean wood dog toys?

The best way to clean wood dog toys is to use a mild spray cleaner along with a soft sponge dipped in warm water or cloth and allow it to dry. Soaking these toys in the sun can additionally help in killing the bacteria and germs on its surface.

4. How much for wood dog toys?

Wood dog toys can cost anywhere between $5-$25 depending upon the quality, durability, brand, size, and various other factors. The best budget wood dog toy is the Petstages Ruffwood Dog Chew Toys that cost anywhere between $5-$7.

For a premium purchase, you can opt for the Ware Gorilla Chew Wood Dog Toy that costs around $18-$20. The best wood dog toy is the Petstages Dogwood Dog Chew Sticks that costs anywhere between $8-$10.

5. What is the best wood dog toy?

According to us, the best wood dog toy is the Petstages Dogwood Dog Chew Sticks that is a blend of natural and synthetic promising durability and safety for your pet.

For a premium purchase, you can opt for the Ware Gorilla Chew Wood Dog Toy that is very durable and suitable for the most aggressive chewers.

The best wood dog toy under a budget would be the Petstages Ruffwood Dog Chew Toys that are made with real texture and wood flavor that dogs love.

Final Note

Dog toys can keep your pup entertained for hours and the safest of all is wood dog toys. These are strong, durable, and can sustain hours of chewing to keep you engaged in chewing.

Wood is also known to maintain your pup’s dental health and keep bad breath away. You can use these toys to play fetch or allow your dog to nibble onto them to prevent anxiety and boredom.

Make sure to take care of the size, design and quality of wood fibers used and check for any toxic chemicals, dyes and artificial flavors that can harm your dog.

Our range of the best wood dog toys helps you choose the safest means of keeping your pup entertained and engaged.

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