How to Keep Algae Out of Dog Water Bowl?

In this article, we have covered all the possible ways to keep algae out in your dog’s water bowl, not just this we have also covered what is the reason for the growth!

How to Keep Algae Out of Dog Water Bowl

Once, when I was spending time with my dog in my yard, I observed that my dog was drinking water from his bowl covered with a green slimy gel-like material. It was gross! And now, I am clueless as to don’t know what to do next!

The formation of water algae in water places is widespread. Most of the pets face this issue. Keep calm because this can be treated you can find a solution how to keep algae out of the dog water bowl.

Tips and Tricks to Keep Algae out of Dog Water Bowl

You are looking for solutions, right? Don’t worry we have covered all the 5 ways to keep algae out from your dog water bowl.

1. Place Bowl in Shade

One of the major reasons for the growth of algae is the sunlight! Yes, Sunlight promotes algae to grow at double speed. So, keeping his water bowl in shade can slow down the growth drastically.

Keeping water in shade has two benefits firstly no growth of algae, and it also helps water to be cool throughout the day. So, this is a win-win situation for you.

Place Bowl in Shade

It is best if you place your dog bowl at a place where there is no windows or skylight around. In order to discourage the growth of algae, you can also place his bowl in a dark place too!

I usually prefer to keep my dog bowl under the tree shade in our yard. This will keep your dog’s water cool, and also helps to keep algae out from it and get rid of any algae multiplication.

2. Wipe it Away

This is obvious that we should always keep our dog bowl clean. Following hygiene practice will guarantee you to keep algae out of his bowl. But, this should be practiced effectively and regularly then only you can reduce the chance of unhealthy algae growth.

To successfully clean the water bowl by hands, use soap and hot water.

Wipe off the slime ad give it a thorough the wash with help of hot water and soap. Rinse it well to remove soap residue or else you can also run it through the dishwasher. Just like we keep our utensils clean we should also keep his bowl clean.

Wipe it Away

Popping some cleanser and washing can control and kill algae from his water bowl easily, not just in the summers but throughout the year!

When the dog drinks out of an unclean bowl the bacterial in his mouth aids to contaminate freshwater in the bowl. So, keep cleaning his bowl with hot water because it removes and kills the growth of the bacteria

Remark: Always separate sponge when cleaning when you clean his water bowl. Don’t use a kitchen sponge. Also, try washing his dish in a bathroom or other sink instead of your kitchen sink this is to protect the kitchen area from being contaminated by algae.

3. Changing Water is Good

The idea of changing the water frequently is overwhelming. It is just like you do with an aquarium. Fortunately, you can decrease and even keep algae out of your dog’s water bowl with a partial water change.

Cleaning water once a day is just enough or if you can’t do that do clean once every other day, this should be done at least!

Do you like to drink stale water? No, right your pooch has the same feeling.

If you find his water bowl contaminated with algae immediately remove the water and just wash off! You should definitely not delay this as drinking slimy water can have side effects on his health!

Changing water from his bowl can also lower the growth of algae.

4. Avoid Plastic Bowls

Using a plastic bowl is not at all a good idea! Not because of algae, but for a lot of other reasons too!

The plastic bowl has the potential of releasing harmful chemicals even if it is BPA-free! Yes, it is a very absorbent material where germs and bacterial can shelter themselves easily.

 Avoid Plastic Bowls

As mentioned already plastic is known to harbor bacteria as they age. This is due to the cracks that are made by a dog bite and bacterial to find perfect spots to hide.

Moreover, the absence of durability can help the plastic bowl to break easily when chewed. If by chance they digest those pieces it can cause serious issues like intestinal and bleeding, especially in puppies.

Invest your money in stainless steel or ceramic bowl they are a safe option to keep algae out!

We use Mlife Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with Rubber Base you can also give it a try. It is made of the best stainless steel and is polished to a mirror sheen and the flat surface can stop to tip the bowl over.

I find it very easy to clean and the rubber base is removable, so I remove it while cleaning the bowl and put it on once the cleaning is done.

5. The Silver lining

If you are too busy to maintain your dog’s water bowl then you try using a silver coin.

Yeah! You read it right. The silver coin has the property to kill antimicrobial cells.

When you drop a silver coin in the dog bowls may stop algae from breeding. And, when you get time from your busy routine you can wash his water bowl.

Why Algae Form in Your Dog Water Bowl

If you have observed natural vegetation in your dog’s water bowl then let me tell you that, you are not the only one! Many owners face this issue of green slimy algae growing on their dog water bowl.

The dog’s mouth and tongue have bacterial that together stick on the surface of the water bowl. Now the bacterial has both the property good and bad both. But, bad bacterial can make your dog fall sick and his bowl is the foremost place to easily form germs.

Why Algae Form in Your Dog Water Bowl

Alga blooms due to the excess of some nutrients majorly phosphorus and nitrogen into the water and the higher concentration of these can lead to the growth of algae in your dog water bowl. You need to immediately start working to keep algae out of your dog’s water dish.

If you can’t take care of his water bowl regularly you can get a constantly flowing water fountain at home. It is a good move for many reasons because still water has a higher risk of contamination, also running water taste better just like the fresher water.

Summing It All Up!

Biofilm or algae are very harmful to your dog’s health, and our dogs are enthusiastic to clean their bowl, but their saliva is also one of the reasons for encouraging algae to grow more in their water bowl!

You must keep his water bowl clean and tidy. I personally switched to stainless bowl because there is no chance of algae growing there. You can try Mlife Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with Rubber Base it is one of the best stainless steel dog bowls in the market.

If you know any other trick to keep algae out from the water bowl we would love to know. So, do comment if you have another trick for this issue.


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