How to Slow Down Dog Drinking Water?

Yes, you need to slow down dog drinking water, as it could not only hurt but also kill your dog.

You would have never thought that something as simple as water can also hurt your dog! Right?

How to Slow Down Dog Drinking Water

If your dog drinks all of this water from his bowl in a blink of an eye, you need to evaluate this behavior. You may even want to evaluate his food.

Dog food that is high in sodium or low in moisture may lead to this type of behavior in dogs. Once you know that there is no serious concern associated with your dog drinking water too fast, you can take a breath.

This guide will give you 5 amazing tips to slow down dog drinking water along with the negative effects of drinking water too fast and some FAQs.

Tips to Slow Down Dog Drinking Water

A thirty dog may drink all of his water in a blink of eye. So, if your dog is drinking water very fast after a long play time or a walk, it is perfectly okay.

However, if this is becoming an everyday hobby for your dog, then you must make sure that he does not continue doing so.

Below are 5 tried and tested tricks, that will make sure your dog will slow down his drinking habit.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Ice Cubes Works Wonders!

Your dog won’t slow down his water drinking process? Give him ice cubes.

Ice cube can work as a natural floating toy in your dog’s water bowl which will slow down his drinking. Your dog will be busy chasing the ice, thus he won’t drink the water fast. Chasing the ice will automatically reduce his drinking speed.

Ice Cubes Works Wonders!

Also, during summers, ice will keep your dog really cool. However, not to forget that ice can create a lot of mess, it is best to serve a few ice cubes along with water in your dog water bowl itself.

This technique has proved to be very beneficial. You just have to be around your dog to make sure that he does not gulp down an ice cube.

Put Baseball In Their Water Bowl!

Woah, whoever thought of this idea must be a real genius.

Placing a large object such as baseball or any other object of the same size, will make sure that your dog’s water drinking process will slow down. This technique works perfect for medium to large sized dogs. However, if you own a small pooch, you can use this technique on him as well.

You just have to make sure that the size of the object must be little smaller than that you chose for a medium or large dog. You can use a two golf balls instead of baseball.

This technique works because your dog will have to lap around the ball to drink the water. If you do not have any object you may even use small rocks. But before you use them, remember to properly clean and sanitize them. Also, you will have to be near your pooch and keep an eye on him. If your dog tries to eat or chew the rocks, he might hurt himself.

I would rather suggest finding another option and not use rocks. You can keep rocks as your last option.

Limiting the Water Supply Can Do the Trick!

This is the cheapest way of preventing your dog from drinking water fast. However, not all pet parents will be able to go for this option. This technique should only be used by pet parents who mostly stay home. Because if you are going to give your dog small portions of water, you will have to give him water at regular intervals.

Limiting the water supply does not mean that you will give him less water. It is very important that you give your dog enough water. Otherwise, he will suffer from dehydration.

There is very little difference between giving your dog a lot of water and not enough water. Make you maintain the perfect balance. I would suggest you to not go for this technique, if you are not going to be around your dog for most of the time during the day.

Floater Bowl Is Also an Option!

Dig you know you could stop your dog from drinking water fast just by changing his water bowl?

This time when you go to buy a water bowl for your dog, make sure you buy a floater bowl.

Floater Bowl Is Also an Option

The floater bowl allows your dog to only drink a little water at one time. Even if the water bowl is filled at its full capacity, your dog won’t be able to drink water fast. Now only is floater bowl helpful in stopping your dog to drink water fast, but it also makes sure that the water does not spill.

LumoLeaf Dog Water Bowl one of the best floater water bowls available in the market. It is not expensive but is durable as well as long-lasting.

What else do you need?

Ever Thought of Elevated Water Bowl!

You can even buy an elevated dog water bowl for your dog, so that he drinks his water slowly. If you do not wish to make an additional expense, you may look for a piece of furniture in your house which can used as a table for your dog’s water bowl.

Ever Thought of Elevated Water Bowl

This works because your dog will have to stretch his neck and will not be much comfortable. Thus, he will not be able to drink water fast. When your dog has to stretch, he will have to drink against the gravity, which will require forceful gulping.

However, you need to make sure that the elevated level should be conveniently accessed by your dog and can reach it comfortably. Your dog should be able to drink as much as water as he wants.

Negative Health Effects of Drinking Water Fast

There are many reasons which can make your dog’s fast water drinking habit a concern for all the pet parents. There is no manual for being a perfect pet parent. Thus, you need to be careful about each and every small habit of your dog. When you do so, only then you can take care of your pooch’s requirements and needs.

Below are the five major side effects that may occur if your dog repeatedly drinks water fast.


If your dog drinks and eats too fast regularly, then there are chances that he will start vomiting everything he eats or drink. When this happens, there are high probabilities of your dog suffering from dehydration or/and lack of nutrients.


It is a never ending cycle!

Dog drinking water fast, vomiting, desire to drink more water, leading to more throwing up and vomiting and so on.

Various symptoms of dehydration and nutrient deficiency are sunken eyes, fecal changes, loss of appetite, low energy, dry mouth, depression, or dullness in coat.

Dogs will not be able to handle a lot of food or water at one time, thus if they are unable to urinate, they will start vomiting.


Hyponatremia is also a deadly condition in which the cells in your dog’s body expand due to unwanted water in it. This can result in swelling of your dog’s body organs. This can cause irrecoverable brain damage to your canine or even death in certain cases.

This is more typical in canine that drink water after playing in it for a long time.


When dogs drink or eat quickly, they tend to consume a lot of air in their body and can result in canine bloat. This is not just a stomach bloat. It is very serious, and if not addressed quickly, it can even prove fatal to your dog.

Did You Know?

Canine bloat is the second most prevalent reason of death in dogs who are premature. The first one is cancer.

There are two different types of canine bloat:

  1. Gastric Dilation: Gastric Dilation happens when the stomach of your dog expands due to large quantity of air in it. This can be relived by pumping your dog’s stomach.
  2. Gastric Dilation and Volvulus: This is a more serious condition and your dog might even die. When your dog suffers from a twisted stomach, it is known as Gastric Dilation and Volvulus. This requires immediate surgery. This happens because your dog is too active directly after drinking and/or eating.

In order to prevent your dog from GDV, you can undergo a small surgery at the time when your canine is being neutered.


Just like humans, dogs can also drink more water than required.

Actually, this is much easier in dogs as compared to humans.

When we say excess of nothing is good, we even mean excess water. Excess water can lead to hyperhydration in dogs which can lead to fatal water intoxication.

Water is essential for everyone’s survival, but excess of it can even kill your dog. It is because it decreases the level of sodium in the body. The symptoms of hyperhydration are lethargy, vomiting, staggering as well as dilated pupils.

Down the Wrong Pipe

This happens to humans as well.

Down the Wrong Pipe

When we eat or drink too fast, and suddenly we start coughing badly, it is because, the food or the water went down the wrong pipe. This is exactly what happens to our dogs as well.

This happens when a minute tissue flap in our throats known as Epiglottis, does not open quickly. This tissue guides the food and water that we eat in to the digestive tract.

If this rarely happens to your dog it is not much harmful. But, if this starts happening frequently, then this may cause damage to your canine’s lungs. This can be an extra painful and uncomfortable feeling and may need immediate attention of your Vet.


What happens if a dog drinks water too fast?

Your dog can suffer a lot if he drinks water too fast.

From vomiting to canine bloating, and from Hyponatremia to Hyperhydration, there are a lot of side effects on your dog because of drinking water too fast. Some of them are even fatal. Thus, you need to be extra attentive, when your dog drinks water.

If drinking water too fast becoming his every day habit, you must find a cure to it immediately.

How can I slow down dog drinking water?

Below is a guide that will help you to stop your dog from drinking a lot of water:

Fill up your dog’s water bowl with warm water fully after coming from your morning walk. Now, give your dog his water bowl and let him drink from it for some time, say around 40 to 50 seconds. Now, when you think that he has drank sufficient water, slowly block his access to his water bowl.

If he stills tries to reach his bowl, this means he still wants some water, whereas if he does not try to get more water, then it means he has had sufficient water. Do this at regular intervals throughout the day.

How much should a dog drink in 24 hours?

The exact amount of water that your dog needs to drink depends on his age and activity level.

However, a general rule is that all dogs need to drink 1 to 2 milliliter water per kg of their body weight every hour. This is approximately equal to 25 to 50 ml/kg/24 hours.

To make this simpler, lets take an example of a canine who weighs 10 kg. He should drink at least 480 ml water every day.

Can dogs get sick from drinking water too fast?


Dogs can get sick if they drink their water very fast, which is a matter of concern. Dogs can suffer from vomiting, bloating, Hyponatremia and even Hyperhydration. Your dog can even get sick if the water goes down the wrong pipe.

The chances of your dog drinking water very fast is higher on summer days after a long play time. If your dog drinks water too fast occasionally then you do not have to worry a lot. But if it is a regular occurrence, you must take necessary precautions.

Do dogs drink a lot of water when stressed?

No dogs excess water drinking is not much related to stress.

Some dogs drink excess water because of boredom, lack of attention, diabetes, or just because he loves water. So, the first step is to find out why your dog drinks a lot of water and then find out ways to cure it.

For instance, if your dog is drinking a lot of water due to boredom, then you must give him some interesting toys that can keep him engaged. Or if he needs more attention, then you must spare some time and have fun with your little canine. He needs it!


That’s all from our side.

I hope this article was helpful.

Preventing a dog from drinking water too fast might be very challenging. But with these tips it would be much easier for you.

However, when you try these tips on your dog, to slow down dog drinking water, make sure that you be very patient with your dog. Hurrying will only make things worse.

With time, your dog will be able to drink water slowly and you will not even need to make any additional efforts.


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