The 25 Best Dog Life Jackets of 2023

We bring you a long list of 25 best dog life jackets on the market to ensure your dog’s utmost safety. We researched through 100+ items and collaborated with various experts and dog lovers.

If your pooch is a water dog, it becomes an important element to add a life jacket to their water adventures.

Some pet owners are in a tight dilemma as to whether a life jacket is needed for their dog. As the popular misconception goes of dogs being natural swimmers, this remains a common question.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

The 25 Best Dog Life Jackets Reviewed

1. Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Jackets — Best Overall

Best Dog Life Jackets

This ripstop dog life jacket by Vivaglory has been credited to be one of the best options in the market by its valued customers.

  • Padding for better buoyancy or upthrust
  • Grab or rescue handle
  • In-built D-ring for leash
  • Bright colors for visibility

For increased visibility, this dog life jacket comes in several bright and flashing colors. Sturdy grab handles and a D-ring leash guarantees the safety of your dog during emergencies. For excellent buoyancy, good padding has also been provided.

This product’s only drawback is that sometimes sizes tend to run smaller than the measurements/size chart given.

Note: This is the recommended Dog Life Jacket considering the price, customer reviews, and safety features.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best dog life jackets.

2. Ruffwear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket — Premium Choice

Ruffwear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket

Ruffwear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket takes our premium product placement for the Best Dog Life Jacket.

Ruffwear’s line was specifically designed for dogs during activities and experiences such as kayaking, rafting, surfing, etc.

  • Offered in xx-small to x-large sizes
  • Equipped with closed-cell foam panels
  • Adjustable fit
  • Reflective trim

Available for dogs of all sizes and ages, the product comes in four enticing colors and various size versions.

Handles and foam panels in deep or rough waters expand the recovery time window in the event of an accident. Outstanding reliability and robustness are the main attractions of this product.

Compared to all other products, it comes at a rather premium price.

Note: The brand efficiently compensates the price by offering excellent safety, quality, and reliability.

3. Outward Hound Granby Splash Life Jacket for Dogs

Outward Hound Granby Splash Life Jacket for Dogs

Outward Hound Granby Splash life jacket comes in bright orange color and pink color to make it easy to find your pooch. The company, Outward Hound, swears by its accuracy in size and promises to match the dog perfectly.

  • Belly buckles and chest straps
  • Dual rescue handles
  • Reflective piping for high visibility
  • Foam panels for buoyancy

The one thing for which this product is deserving of credit is that it is true to its size. Belly buckles and chest belts guarantee that repetitive or harsh pulls do not strip the suit of the dog.

For effective and quick rescue, two grab handles for a tight grip. Extremely friendly to the budget.

Not available in a range of color shades. You may need to buckle one of the rescue grabs with the leash as a D-ring is also missing in this product.

4. Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket

Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket

Paws Aboard is a company that has been in this scene for a long time- to be exact, for 15 whole years. This pet supply company promises full transparency on its products.

  • Breathable neoprene fabric
  • Mesh underbelly
  • Lightweight and flexible material
  • Sturdy buckle-ups

The dog life jacket’s material is made of 100% neoprene fabric that offers longevity and breathability. The underbelly mesh does not cause the body of your dog to be chafed or rashed.

The fabric allows water to be drained quickly without any contaminants being carried. Nonetheless, this is not ideal for dogs who weigh over 200 pounds.

Recommendation: This best doggie swimming pool is the perfect option to help your furry friend get away from summer’s sweltering heat.

5. Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket

Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket

Outward Hound’s other very good product is this Dawson Dog Life jacket. For its larger variants, this model has the most precise packaging and perfectly covers your pooch’s body.

  • Side foam panels
  • In-built insulation system
  • High visibility
  • Two rescue handles

The strategically placed side foam panels help keep your dog afloat in deep waters, while the insulation system provides protection to prevent any unwanted illnesses or colds.

In times of crisis, two emergency handles in the package make it easier to pull back your pooch. However, many customers have reported shipping problems with this brand.

6. Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Life Jacket for Dogs

Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Life Jacket for Dogs

The CA65 test was passed by Vivaglory dog life jacket materials to keep your dog safe while surfing. When you buy directly from Vivaglory, the company will give you a 90-day guarantee.

  • Sports-style design
  • Product has passed CA65 test
  • Reflective trims and heavy-duty fastening system
  • 90 days return policy

This pet life jacket is designed to improve visibility in and out of the water or under low light conditions with the help of bright colors and reflective trims. Upgraded 600D oxford fabric ripstop makes this life jacket very durable.

But, the product is available exclusively in large and small sizes currently. And it is also on the expensive side of the price bracket.

Guide: If you have a senior dog, a dog with arthritis, or a dog with other mobility issues, it may be time for the best puppy ramps.

7. Paws Aboard Pet Life Jacket For Dogs

Paws Aboard Pet Life Jacket For Dogs

Paws Aboard Pet Life Jacket was made from the breathable fabric of neoprene with a rescue handle on top of it. This dog life jacket, together with this, also contains an adjustable leash and an underbelly cover.

  • Reflective strips and bright colors
  • Breathable mesh underbelly
  • Made with nylon fabric
  • Top rescue handle and great buoyancy

Built with fast-dry, absorbent nylon fabrics, this life jacket provides optimum buoyancy for your pooch. The brightness of this life jacket is increased by the vibrant colors and reflective lines in the label, making your pooch visible day and night.

You may want to watch out for the sewn-in handle as many customers complain about it being flimsy.

8. HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket Vest

HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket Vest

The dog life jacket by HAOCOO comes across as a good buy for heavy dogs with bright, robust, and rash-free material This item guarantees a secure and fresh surf in the waves (or in the pool) by incorporating a heavy-duty D-ring and increasing capacity functions.

  • Oxford nylon fabric ripstop
  • Heavy-duty D-ring
  • Front float and reflective stripes

Oxford nylon ripstop maintains its reputation for boosting durability. While the front float in the product helps to keep your dog stay afloat. This dog life jacket also contains reflective stripes and bright colors to enhance the visibility of our dog.

One of the most common grievances that have come across by customers is for the size issues.

Expert’s View: Let your pup enjoy the best pool float for dogs this summer. It will keep them cool on a hot summer’s day.

9. Vivaglory Dog Life Jackets with Extra Padding

Vivaglory Dog Life Jackets with Extra Padding

This is the option for our smaller furry friends to help them stay afloat in the wild sea. This variant by Vivaglory dog life jackets comes with extra padding, while some of the other features of this brand remain consistent.

  • Patented design
  • Comes with extra padding
  • Suitable for small dogs

The product’s design is similar to the brand’s other variants. The extra padding provides around 50% more upthrust when your pooch is in the water. 600D Oxford cloth and the heavy-duty fastening system make this item a safe choice.

However, according to us, this dog life jacket is not ideal for long and fine hair.

10. Queenmore Dog Ripstop Life Jacket

Queenmore Dog Ripstop Life Jacket

Our next choice for best Dog Life Jackets is Queenmore Dog Ripstop Life Jacket

Made with oxford cloth and polyethylene foam, along with mesh lining underneath. A strong handle has been provided for a tight grip to help rescue your dog in times of crisis. A D-ring has been added for the leash as well.

  • Oxford cloth and Polyethylene foam
  • Mesh underbelly
  • Strong rescue handle

The high-quality material, in the product, promises good durability. Therefore, if you are a family that loves being around water, then you need to add this to your dog’s accessories now.

It has been observed by the customers that the reflective strips or trims incorporated in this product are ineffective in harsh weather.

Do you Know? The best dog life vest can help in boosting your dog’s confidence if he is a weak swimmer and helps him have more fun in the water.

11. VIVAGLORY Dog Life Jackets Premium Skin-Friendly

VIVAGLORY Dog Life Jackets Premium Skin-Friendly

Neoprene is the base material in this product. According to the brand, what guarantees the durability of the product is the intricate sewing process it has gone through.

Vivaglory promises a 90-day refund policy to its customers when their products have been sourced directly from them.

  • 90 days warranty
  • Skin-friendly neoprene
  • Superior buoyancy

For the capacity of the product, it is not as bulky. If you are too particular about colors, you can use this one for your female canine and let her shine (literally).

The reflective qualities of this product are not as efficient in vague weather.

12. WOpet Dog Life Jacket Fashion Dog Saver Life Jacket

WOpet Dog Life Jacket Fashion Dog Saver Life Jacket

WOpet Dog Life Jacket is a dog life jacket for medium dogs the likes of beagles or pugs. This life jacket can hold a nice 20 to 50 pounds of weight and maintain stability while in water.

  • Handle on top for easy-grab
  • Holds up to 50 pounds
  • Reflective accents for high visibility

The bright and reflective colors make it easier to spot your pooch and never have them out of your sight again. Nylon straps and adjustable buckles are an important function of this product and they massively increase your dog’s safety.

Conclusively, this is not ideal for medium or large dogs due to its holding capacity.

Note: Make sure to not only weigh your dog but also measure them before choosing a size.

Do you know: If you will take your pup for outdoor activities and the ground is freezing, scorching, or rough, you may need the best water shoes for dogs to protect their paws.

13. Petacc Dog Life Jacket Pet Floatation Vest Dog

Petacc Dog Life Jacket Pet Floatation Vest Dog

Petacc floatation jacket comes in quirky designs and patterns which adds to your dog’s ferocious personality while keeping them safe in the water. The product is made of tear-resistant oxford cloth, top grips, and buckles.

  • Tear-resistant oxford cloth
  • Strong rescue handle
  • Quick-release buckles

Several functions of this product, when working together, make this a decent buy. According to popular opinion, this dog life jacket provides excellent buoyancy and works great during swim training.

Made in only two sizes, out of which are currently available in only Medium size.

14. Hiado Dog Reflective Safety Vest High Visibility

Hiado Dog Reflective Safety Vest High Visibility

With the highly reflective material in this dog life jacket, your dog will be water-ready with just a few buckle-ups. Easy-adjustable straps are available in the product to ensure the utmost safety of your pooch.

  • Reflective life jacket
  • Made with polyester material
  • Light-weight

Hiado Dog Reflective Safety Vest is visible from almost 500 feet, which helps in spotting your dog during the crisis. Not only can you use this in the water, but the product can also work well in monsoons as well on a busy road to avoid accidents.

You may want to watch out for any rashes or bumps and make sure your dog is not allergic to the fabric.

15. Outward Hound Standley Sport Experienced Swimmer

Outward Hound Standley Sport Experienced Swimmer

If your dog is a great swimmer but their old age is catching up on them faster, then Outward Hound Standley Sport Experienced Swimmer is the perfect life jacket for them. The product has just enough support and security to help your dog if he or she gets tired in the water easily.

  • Double handle and sternum support
  • Open design
  • Mesh bellyband

The extra robust ripstop material of this product stands up for frequent use. The mesh bellyband in this product helps your dog remain cool under harsh weather. A double handle keeps them secure.

Try to avoid using this on your novice and under-training swimmer as this life jacket’s floating capacity is not apt for them.

Here’s a tip: The best dog swim shorts can be both fashionable and functional. You can protect your dog from the sun and sand with pro picks.

16. maggift Dog Reflective Vest Life Jacket

maggift Dog Reflective Vest Life Jacket

A simple, yet effective design in increasing the visibility of your pooch in the water. The production contains is made with high-quality fabric-300D Oxford Weave fabric.

A little decorative reflective paw in the side gives a personalized effect to your pooch’s life jacket.

  • Made with 300D Oxford weave fabric
  • Decoration paw design
  • Reflective dog life jacket

maggift Dog Reflective Vest life jacket can hold a dog up to 60 pounds of weight easily. The product is made with reflective and durable material, along with fasteners that maintain the life jacket on their body. This is perfect for medium-sized dog breeds.

Customers have complained of not all medium-sized dogs are able to fit in this device. Make sure to check your canine’s sizing and weight before purchasing.

17. See Spot Trot Zip EV Sport High Visibility Life Jacket

See Spot Trot Zip EV Sport High Visibility Life Jacket

Ideal for small dogs, See Spot Trot is a dog life jacket that can provide good visibility to your pooch when they’re in the water. The product is intentioned more toward regular uses such as during walking, or outdoor activities.

  • No risk guarantee
  • Works well in low-light weather walks
  • Large tooth zipper

A light-weight and sturdy design, along with large tooth zippers can help you get this on your pet a lot faster and easier. You can have your dog take dips into the vast blue ocean without constantly keeping tabs on him.

There are no rescue handles or D-rings in this life jacket. It is not suitable to be used in deep waters. Or on dogs who are still learning how to swim.

18. Camo Pet Life Preserver Jacket Camouflage Dog Life Jacket

Camo Pet Life Preserver Jacket Camouflage Dog Life Jacket

This camouflage jacket is going to do the opposite of its name, that is, increase your dog’s visibility. The product comes in multiple colors to choose from and is available in quirky patterns to have your dog stand out in the crowd – and in the water.

  • Color variants available
  • Reflective details
  • Comes with a top handle
  • Adjustable design

You can have your dog wear this not only during swimming sessions but also on an adventurous outing in the woods. The possibilities are endless. The light-weight and manageable design of this product make this possible.

The material of this product does not cater to extensive use. Avoid this product if you’re a regular at lakes.

19. A-MORE Dog Life Jackets Dog Saver Life Jacket

A-MORE Dog Life Jackets Dog Saver Life Jacket

No more worrying about drying and cleaning your dog’s life jacket after every use with this product’s quick-dry technique. The product comes with adjustable velcro straps and buckles stitched within a strong and durable material.

  • Durable and strong material
  • Easy to dry and clean
  • Adjustable velcro and buckle

The safety handle attached on top of the life jacket can be hooked with your dog’s leash which makes it easier to navigate him on the boat or ground. The handle helps you rescue your dog under any water crisis.

The only worrisome idea here is that the product may not turn out to be resistant to multiple washes. The frequent use of detergents can possibly strip the material’s qualities.

20. Outward Hound Ripstop Life Jacket for Dogs

Outward Hound Ripstop Life Jacket for Dogs

This product by Outward Hound flaunts many amazing features that you require in a dog life jacket. If occasional water adventures are your dog’s thing, this life jacket will work fine for him or her. Front float support helps keep your dog’s head above the water.

  • Front float support
  • Dual grab handles
  • Reflective accents

Adjustable side buckles can accommodate the specific size and shape of your dog. This can ensure optimal safety and fit. The grab handles in the product have durable stitching and work in keeping your dog away from harm’s way.

Make a note that this product has also been reported to run smaller based on the sizing chart as well.

21. SwimWays Sea Squirts Dog Life Jacket

SwimWays Sea Squirts Dog Life Jacket

This dog life jacket variant by the popular brand SwimWays comes primarily in two sizes – medium and small. This sassy vest gives a fashionable look to this safety floatation device and helps keep your pooch standing out whether on the ground or in water.

  • Full-body dog life jacket
  • Comes with an adorable dorsal fin
  • Made with heavy-duty fabric

As this safety jacket is built in such a way that it fits your dog’s entire body, it ensures its body is stable in the water.

Even with strong fabric, it has a light-weight feel to it and does not obstruct the national movement of your pooch in the water as they take dips in the waves.

The product is not available in a large size and does not cater to large dog breeds.

22. eBasics Dog Life Jacket Swimming Vest Swimsuit

eBasics Dog Life Jacket Swimming Vest Swimsuit

eBasics is offering you a dog life jacket that has both style and safety.

This product has been made with reflective materials and float supports to help you keep a tab on your pooch in the water. You can freely have your canine cannonball in the water with this device.

  • Good buoyancy
  • Quick-release buckles and adjustable straps
  • Easy-grad handle

Since your dog can get easily anxious during unfortunate incidents in the water, you can use the easy-grab handles that work even with heightened mobility to grab your canine back on the boat or the ground.

Buckles and straps effectively secure your furry friend without causing any chafing or rashes.

This product is currently not available in large and small sizes. Therefore, this is only ideal for miniature dogs or puppies.

23. IDOMIK Dog Life Vest Jacket for Swimming kayaking

IDOMIK Dog Life Vest Jacket for Swimming kayaking

Great for kayaking or boating along with your furry pet, IDOMIK dog life jacket has abilities to keep your pet afloat during any unfortunate water accident.

  • Created with reflective material
  • Helps cruise around with minimal effort
  • Wraps around dogs easily

This vest has been made with bright colors to make sure your dog is easily spottable in the water for several feats.

You can go to the beach on a sunny day, or on a vacation boat ride with your family and include your pooch in it without the fear of risking their well-being.

If you and your pooch love being around and in the water a lot, then you may want to skip this product as we do not recommend it for frequent use.

24. Travelin K9 Premium Red Neoprene Dog Life Jacket

Travelin K9 Premium Red Neoprene Dog Life Jacket

This neoprene material based dog life jacket is decent for occasional use in the water. The product has been made with high-quality material and functions to keep your dog secure, fresh, and happy while on their water-adventures.

  • Elegant red shade
  • Strong padded dog life jacket
  • Grab handle and D-ring

The easy-grab handles and D-ring in this dog life jacket makes it easier for you to move your dog away from danger and harm.

However, several customers have reported some issues with the sizing of this item. You may want to opt for a size bigger before you make the final purchase.

25. Hollypet Dog Life Jacket Adjustable Dog Lifesaver

Hollypet Dog Life Jacket Adjustable Dog Lifesaver

This product by Hollypet is a simple and effective design and comes with some very important functions. It has a rescue or grab-handle at the top, foam panels for stability, and quick-release buckle fastening to ensure the safety of your pooch in the waves.

  • Durable rescue handle
  • Reflective trims
  • Foam panels and secure neck float

Get your hands on this beautiful and sturdy life jacket for your Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, or Siberian Husky.

This piece is manufactured in only medium and small sizes. There is a minor water-stability issue with this life jacket, although it is not as dangerous.

While picking out a safety accessory for your pooch, you have to double-check all the products to make sure a product for their safety does not turn against them at the wrong time.

This is especially important for dog life jackets as they are susceptible to breaking down easily. Any such mishaps can be easily avoided if you pay heed to some of the key factors. Go through this buyer’s guide to plump out the best dog jacket:

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Best Life Jacket for Dogs

Life jackets ensure the safety of your pooch, however, certain factors need to be met to deem this accessory safe to use.

To protect your pet in water, make sure the below-mentioned pointers have been covered in a particular product before you make the final purchase:


This aspect plays a vital role in deciding the quality of the life jacket. A decent dog life jacket is built on the foundation of good breathable material the likes of Nylon or Oxford to make sure your canine does not feel suffocated within the product.

Make sure to also choose a sturdy and rip-resistant material that does not deteriorate easily.

Ease of Use

If your canine is not habituated to wearing any sort of clothing on their body, you may find it difficult to a life jacket on and off them. Therefore, try to spot a product that is accompanied by an easy buckle-up feature.

But see that the product does not come off in case you encounter water trouble while sailing, or on the beach. Practice and train your dog into taking the jacket on and off before routinely using the item.


Always, always, always check the size chart provided by the brands and do not depend on your assumptions. Choosing an over or undersized life jacket can be life-threatening to your dog.

You want the product to softly hug your pooch’s body without causing chafings or rashes. Opt for life jackets that come with adjusting features that will accommodate your dog’s unique shape and size.

Handles and Buckles

Rescue handles can be of great help if any unforeseen danger comes knocking at your door. This is an essential feature to look for in dog life jackets as these are responsible for saving your dog from danger.

Sturdy handles come in handy when a scared or anxious dog refuses to listen to your command. Buckles are also a useful feature for fastening and navigating your dog with a leash.

Does Your Dog Need a Life Jacket?

Most of our loving pooches are enthralled by the sight of free-flowing water. Some of the most common breeds people choose to the house are water-friendly and have natural swimming talents.

However, this does not make them immune to any unfortunate misadventure in water. Dogs need life jackets for the same reasons why people need them.

No matter how much your canine loves to swim, they cannot swim forever and they need some safety net to keep them out of trouble.

Your dog may not be a great swimmer as well, which may restrict you in bringing them along with you on a breezy boat ride. Having a life jacket on them ensures your dog stays away from harm’s way.

It is also no secret that our pets tend to not listen to us when they’re anxious or fretful, this acts as a big concern. This can be avoided with the incorporation of a dog life jacket.

Safety Tips for Dog Life Jackets

There are some aspects of using dog life jackets that you need to pay attention to before you let your dog jump into the serene water. Here are some safety tips for dog life jackets:

Make your dog comfortable

You know that your dog’s comfort comes first here, so make sure he or she knows that. While putting any piece of clothing, or in this case, a floating device needs to have the approval of your canine.

You can force your pupper inside a jacket, but that may leave them feeling betrayed and associate the product with negative emotions. This can your bond with your canine to suffer, and also make it impossible to make them wear it again.

If your dog does not feel free and happy in the life jacket, it is likely that they will not enjoy their time on the water.

To avoid these bitter feelings, make certain that your canine’s consent has been honored and train them into wearing the accessory several times with the help of treats and praises.

Fasten Properly

Do not go into the water without making sure the product has been fastened on your pooch properly. Not paying attention to this aspect can make your dog run into water risks.

Loose straps or fastening can make the jacket shift from its original place with your dog’s mobility in the water. This can disrupt your dog’s natural motion and put him in a dangerous situation.

Another issue that can surface is that your pooch’s straps are too tight on him. This can cause skin eruptions on your furry friend which can unsettle him with pain and burns.

Straps that are too tight can also abrupt normal breathing which puts your dog into unanticipated risks and injuries.

Match the Activity

While some life jackets have been created truly for the purpose of saving your pooch from life-threatening water accidents, others may only be instrumental in assisting your dog in keeping them above the water.

You may want to opt for a rather heavy-duty life jacket if your dog spends a lot of time around and in the water.

FAQs about Dog Life Jackets

Should my dog wear a life jacket?

Yes definitely! The reasons are similar to why you as a human must wear a life jacket. They keep your pooch secure and away from unforeseen risks while they are taking dips into the deep and wide ocean.

To ensure the utmost security and well-being of your canine, you must without fail, have them wear a life jacket in the water.

How to measure your dog for a life jacket?

You will need to measure three points on your canine’s body – chest, neck, and back. This is because the life jacket will cover these areas.

Since each brand has slightly different measurement charts, you cannot rely on a superficial size like Small or Large. Imperfect measurements can put unnecessary pressure on your pet, and cause chafing as when the product rubs against their skin.

How much does a life jacket for dogs cost?

This cost difference is determined by sizes, labels, and content. You’ll find the cost of dog life jacket ranging from extremely low-cost to one that ruins your savings. The price will range from $10 to $80. Understand that your canine’s life jacket is an investment in their health. Do not compromise on product quality at any time.

What is the best life jacket for dogs?

According to our experts, the Ruffwear Float Dog Life Jacket is the safest and best dog life jacket. The product is available in sizes that suit almost every pooch. With the adjustable buckle feature, your dog’s unique shape and size are honored.


In sum up, a life jacket is an effective tool to keep your dog safe. If your pet is a full water baby or simply going through training sessions to learn to swim, a life jacket will ensure their safety.

You need to pay attention to the product’s design, scale, and longevity in order to pick the best dog life jacket. We are confident that the products listed by will help you make the right choice.


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