Memory Foam Dog Beds for Ultimate Comfort

We have reviewed the 11 Best Memory Foam Dog Beds (after testing over 50 different dog beds) that provide support and relief from joint and arthritic pain to your canine.

Sleep is one of the most vital activities for every living being. A good sleep rejuvenates and relaxes you. For which you require a comfortable and cozy sleeping surface.

Memory foam dog beds provide your dog with all the comfort it needs. It is suitable for dogs of any size, age, and breed.

Memory foam dog beds are available in several designs and types. We help you shortlist from a range of Memory Foam Dog Beds to keep your dog feeling relaxed while it snuggles into the bed cozily for a good nap.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022

The 11 Best Memory Foam Dog Beds of 2022

1. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed — Best Overall

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Our first choice is the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed.

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed allows your pet to sleep comfortably because of the 3 sides Bolster Design. The Pet Bed gives a cushioned headrest and a snuggly feel to your pooch. The top cover is plush faux, which provides your dog with a soft sleeping surface.

The viscoelastic memory foam conforms to your pet’s body shape and position for optimum warmth, keeping him cool during warm climates. It releases pressure from aching joints and muscles too.

The cover is easy to remove and machine washable. The bed is quite suitable for adult and aged pets as well as dogs of various sizes and breeds.

“To conclude, we think this is the overall best Memory Foam Dog Beds”


  • Foam thickness: 3 inches
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Couch Style
  • Design: Plush Gray Colored bed with plush faux foam cover and silken suede bolsters
  • Machine washable cover
  • 3 side foam-filled Bolster design for cushioned headrest

The memory foam pet bed by Furhaven is also one of the best made in America dog beds that fits just fine for your pet. It can easily take your dog’s shape and adjust according to its body.

It is available in multiple color variants and the bolsters on 3 sides are filled with foam to provide a good headrest to your pet. The faux fur is very smooth, preventing pressure calluses and joint aches and leaving your dog feeling snuggly and cozy.

The foam is not very sturdy and supportive, although, it conforms to your dog’s shape well. The foam could have been thicker for better support and density. But the memory foam bed works best for dogs that are not overweight.

2. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed — Premium Choice

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed takes our premium product placement for the best PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed makes your pet feel like a part of the family, giving him a plush sleeping experience with unique designs and features. The cover is made of polyester and cotton blend fabric, which provides a soft surface for sleeping.

The memory foam has a waterproof inner lining and the elevated bolsters at the sides provide your dog with optimum neck and spinal support.

The dog bed is designed smartly and passes European Quality Standards. The fabric being blend of cotton twill and polyester feels like a feather.

The cover is easy to clean and machine washable. Available in multiple sizes and color variants, the memory foam is generously filled to give your pet a cozy experience.


  • Foam thickness: 4 inches
  • Size: Extra Large
  • Style: Couch Style
  • Design: Slate gray-colored bed. Cover fabric made of polyester and cotton blend (color variants available)
  • Removable, machine washable cover
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Can hold up to 150+ pounds of weight

The memory foam bed by PetFusion is so soft, it keeps your pet relaxed for hours. There are multiple color and size variants available as per your dog’s need.

The product has proved helpful in curing anxiety and stress in dogs. The bottom is non-slippery and the dog sofa blends in easily as a piece of furniture for your house.

The zippers for the removable cover are not very durable. The fabric is not as great as the manufacturers claim to because the seams are loosely stitched.

Apart from the quality, the memory foam mattress works great for multiple dog breeds and is suitable for medium-sized pets.

Check out the best cooling dog beds and best elevated dog beds that increase airflow around the bed and your pet and help your pet stay cool even in warm weather.

3. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed — Best Value

BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed is therapeutic, offering ultimate relief from joint pain, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. It has a gel memory foam and is light, making it easy to carry.

The foam mattress cover is zippered and easily removable. The product comes as a vacuum-packed bed and takes 72 hours to inflate.

The product is available in neutral colors to match with your home and conceal your dog’s hair on the bed, so your mattress doesn’t look dirty.

The memory foam dog bed is quite suitable for large-sized dogs. Additionally, it comes with a bonus toy to keep your dog entertained while he rests.

It is machine washable and one of the best waterproof dog beds that is available in multiple size variants to suit your pet.


  • Foam thickness: 3 inches
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Bed Style
  • Design: Gel memory foam with neutral grey colored cover (color variants available)
  • Portable
  • Machine Washable Zippered Cover
  • Requires 72 hours for inflation

The best thing about the dog bed is that it is portable and the neutral color range it offers can fit in, any corner of the house giving a pleasing look. You can deflate, inflate and store it or carry it along with you anywhere.

The zippered covers are easily removable and the neutral color hides any dog mess or dog hair on the bed. Additionally, there are multiple sizes and color variants to choose from.

One problem is the size of the bed. The dog bed is not as large as it claims to be. The thickness is not that great either, raising questions in terms of comfort.

But all in all, the variety of colors and the convenience of washing the zippered cover make it ideal for a small pet.

Advice: Get the best washable dog beds and stop worrying about your pooch staining or making the bed dirty as you can right away throw it in the washing machine to get it cleaned.

4. Milliard Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed — Best Affordable

Milliard Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed

Milliard Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed offers comfort, quality, and convenience all under one roof. The memory foam bed has a sturdy foam base with an ultra-soft and luxe memory foam layer over the base.

The memory foam mattress is of high-quality premium foam, built to last longer and is highly durable.

The zippered cover is machine washable and easy to remove. The rubber grips on the bottom keep the dog bed sturdy and the certified high-quality foam is free of chemicals, making it safe for your pet.


  • Foam thickness: 4 inches
  • Size: Medium
  • Style: Bed Style
  • Design: Beige colored premium quality foam base with a memory foam layer
  • Certi-Pur US certified memory foam

The Milliard Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed is made of chemical-free materials making it safe for your dog to sleep and use.

The rubber grips at the bottom keep it from slipping on any surface. The foam base with a memory foam layer gives it a good elevation and the product is available in multiple size variants.

The problem is with the mattress quality. It ends up developing molds inside the cover. The memory foam bed is not as durable and tears apart on washing.

But there is no compromise on the comfort it offers for your pooch. If you are looking out for a good bed that is not heavy on the pocket, the Milliard Dog Bed is a good choice.

Tip: Get the best outdoor dog bed for your pooch to keep them comfortable while you are on a vacation along with your pet.

5. Furhaven Sofa Style Pet Bed

Furhaven Sofa Style Pet Bed

Furhaven Sofa Style Pet Dog Bed is the perfect memory foam couch your pet would want to relax onto.

With 3 side Bolster pattern, it allows your dog to sleep in a variety of positions on the couch. The couch material is so soft with uniform padding, your dog can snuggle into it and feel at rest.

It is available in different variants and the memory foam conforms to your pet’s shape. Moreover, the medical-grade support memory foam provides relief from joint aches and body pain.

There are colorful cover designs so you can place the memory foam dog bed anywhere in your house for a pleasing and aesthetic look. The dog bed cover is machine washable and is comfortable for a variety of dog breeds.


  • Foam Thickness: 4 inches
  • Size: Jumbo (variants available)
  • Style: Couch Style
  • Design: Quilted Silver Gray (color variants available)
  • Medical Grade support foam
  • 100% recycled fluffy filled bolsters
  • Insulating comfort

The Sofa Style Pet Bed by Furhaven is the best therapeutic option for your pet. It is available in multiple color and size variants, which allows you to choose from a range of beds.

It soothes your dog’s pressure joints and is the best orthopedic bed, providing ultimate relaxation to your pooch.

Users complain of the foam quality being cheap and the cover to the foam being non-durable. The fabric tears off easily. Apart from the quality, it works as a good bed and resting support for your dog.

6. BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Extra Comfy Dog Bed

BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Extra Comfy Dog Bed

BarksBar Orthodopaedic Snuggly Sleeper Dog Bed lets your dog snuggle in comfortably while he feels all nestled inside the bed and sleeps cozily.

The inner sleeping area is spacious, which is the ideal dog bed for your canine, or if your pet is overweight or aged. The luxurious quilt design with a polyester cover makes it easy to remove and wash and gives it an aesthetic look.

The orthopedic foam cushion keeps the mattress soft and helps in reducing joint pain. It helps improve the overall mobility of your pet.

The padded rim provides a comfortable headrest to your pooch. The bottom of the bed has a rubber backing so you can keep the bed on any floor type without the bed slipping off.


  • Foam thickness: 4 inches
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Couch Style
  • Design: Black Polyester Cover with a luxurious quilted design
  • Removable and Machine-Washable Cover
  • Orthopedic Memory Foam Base
  • Built-in non-slip rubber backing

The best thing about BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Extra Comfy Dog Bed is the comfort it offers for a wide variety of pets.

First, it is made of premium materials that provide good comfort and support your dog with joint pain or aches. It has an elevated Comfy-Cotton padded and cushioned rim for proper neck and spine support.

The quilted design suits your house decor and gives the bed a cozy and aesthetic look. The anti-slip rubber at the base prevents the bed from moving and slipping on any floor surface.

One thing that would turn you off from this product is the foam cover. The fabric is not durable and the foam thickness is not as per the mentioned dimensions.

Apart from this, it is quite suitable for small pets who require little cushioning as per their size.

7. Brindle Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

Brindle Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

Brindle Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed offers an attractive range of designs and sizes and is most suited for your small to the medium-sized pooch.

Along with a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty, the memory foam mattress comes with a zippered cover which is easily removable and machine and dryer washable.

The waterproof layer beneath the mattress helps keep it away from the mess and also keeps the mattress dry and non-soggy.

The mattress is durable but not chew-proof. It is quite suitable for daily use and keeps your pet feeling cozy and warm all day, every day.


  • Foam thickness: 2 inches memory foam with 2 inches density support foam
  • Size: Large (variants available)
  • Style: Bed Style
  • Design: Charcoal Velour colored with 2 foam layers
  • Removable, zippered machine washable cover
  • Soft fabric and non-slip bottoms
  • Waterproof layer beneath dog bed

The designer bed has attractive color and size variants to offer apart from having two foam layers.

The 2-inch memory foam along with an additional density support foam gives your dog a comfortable sleeping experience with adequate thickness and elevation.

The base is waterproof, which helps keep it clean and dry for your pet to sleep. The material is dust resistant, which makes it a hygienic sleep zone for your pooch.

The cover fabric is not very durable and tears off easily. It is always advisable to buy a size larger as the product is not true to size.

The bottom of the mattress is not as waterproof as the manufacturer’s claim it to be. Apart from this, the memory foam bed does not compromise comfort for your fido.

Warning: If your pet is an aggressive chewer then get him the best chew proof dog bed that your pooch won’t be able to damage and thus will last longer.

8. Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

The memory foam dog bed by Brindle Soft has a thick foam mattress that eliminates pressure points and helps in heat transfer because of its viscoelastic nature.

The bed is light, making it portable and convenient to place and carry anywhere. It is an absolute pain reliever and helps in cases of joint or any form of arthritic pain, which also makes it the best dog bed for older dogs.

The soft suede cover is removable and machine washable. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and is a sleeping delight for small to medium-sized dogs.


  • Foam thickness: 3 inches layer of orthopedic shredded memory foam
  • Size: Medium (variants available)
  • Style: Bed Style
  • Design: Stone colored soft micro-suede cover (color variants available)
  • Helps relieve achy joints, hip dysplasia, and arthritis.
  • Machine washable cover
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs

The soft memory foam dog bed offers the convenience of cleaning with a removable cover. The cover is available in multiple color variants, you can choose any to match with your home and decor.

It is portable and easy to carry around in the house or on mini camping trips with your pooch. The memory foam has a soft, supportive consistency that can easily conform to weight and pressure.

The only problem with the bed was the foam, which feels like chunks inside the mattress. The surface of the mattress does not feel uniform and is too lumpy. But apart from that, it serves well as a basic level bed for your pooch.

9. Joyelf Memory Foam Pet Bed

Joyelf Memory Foam Pet Bed

Joyelf Memory Foam Pet Bed comes with a solid memory foam base and a non-slip bottom.

The elevated full comfy cotton-padded bolsters give your dog good neck support from all sides. There is an internal lining over the foam to protect it from liquids or dirt.

It has a removable zippered cover with the zip hidden, giving it a neat and cozy finish. The removable cover is machine washable.

The product comes with a squeaky toy for your pooch to play with while he relaxes on the orthopedic bed.

The bed has a good capacity and the dimensions are large enough to hold a medium to large-sized pet. It also has a rubber lining at the bottom to prevent it from slipping.


  • Foam thickness: 9 inches
  • Size: Extra Large (variants available)
  • Style: Couch Style
  • Design: Solid high-density memory foam base with an inner lining for protection
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • Big and fluffy bolster for supporting the neck and spine

The pet bed from Joyelf is cozying and comfortable and comes with elevated bolsters, providing good support to dogs suffering from arthritis and joint pain conditions.

It has hidden zippers and an internal lining to protect the memory foam from water and dust.

The non-slip rubber base makes it suitable for any floor type. The cover is removable and also easy to clean. Keep your dog entertained on the bed with the bone-shaped toy which comes additionally with the product.

The only problem with the bed is that the foam is hard and chunky. The memory foam mattress is not thick enough and is designed poorly. Although, it is suitable for temporary use and adds as a basic piece of furniture for your pooch.

10. KOPEKS High-Grade Memory Foam Dog Bed

KOPEKS High-Grade Memory Foam Dog Bed

KOPEKS is a registered brand, known for manufacturing premium pet products.

KOPEKS High-Grade Memory Foam Dog Bed comes with a unique design as it has a built-in thick headrest along with thick memory foam to provide overall support to your pet.

The base has a rubber grip that makes it non-slippery and suitable for any wooden or tiled floor.

With a removable zippered cover and a plush Suede finish, this memory foam dog bed is sure to relieve your pet of joint or arthritic pain.


  • Foam thickness: 7 inches
  • Size: Extra Large
  • Style: Bed Style
  • Design: Premium brown colored memory foam with the waterproof inner fabric having suede finish
  • Removable zippered cover

The headrest offers good comfort to your pet while the thickness of the bed will support your ailing dog. The removable cover is very soft and easy to wash.

The memory foam is hypoallergenic and made of premium quality material, keeping it dust resistant and hygienic for your pet at all times.

The product is not waterproof as it claims to be and the fabric is not of good quality. The cover is very flimsy. But the mattress is very comfortable and offers a great level of relaxation to your pooch.

Its large size also makes it one of the best dog beds for labs.

11. The Dog’s Balls Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Dog's Balls Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed

The large-sized premium and plush looking memory foam dog bed by Dog’s Balls works best for dogs of all sizes and ages. The thick orthopedic memory foam provides high stability and support to your dog’s muscles and joints.

The surface of the memory foam is so soft, it prevents your dog from getting calluses or pressure sores on the bed surface due to immobility.

There are multiple sizes and color variants available, and the covers are easily replaceable too. The bed helps in restoring your dog’s vitality and mobility and gives them a sound sleep.


  • Foam thickness: 6 inches
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Bed Style
  • Design: Grey Plush colored, Premium Grade High-Density Orthopaedic Memory Foam (color variants available)
  • Prevents joint and bone ailments

The bed material is so soft, your pooch can sleep on it for hours. The removable cover fabric is quick-drying and easy to wash.

The memory foam is waterproof, keeping it clean and dry. The dog bed comes with a waterproof mattress protector. There are multiple color and size variants available for the same.

The product is not true to size. The elevation is not as mentioned. The quality of the memory foam is poor and not worth the price. It is good for occasional use as a basic dog bed but not reliable in terms of memory foam being the key factor.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Memory Foam Dog Bed

Not that you would find varieties in memory foam dog beds, but here are a few factors to consider before choosing the right foam bed for your pet.

  • Shape

The shape of your memory foam dog bed depends solely on your pet’s sleeping position. If your dog likes to sleep and keep turning towards the sides while sleeping, then you should choose a rectangular-shaped bed.

If your dog likes to curl up while sleeping, then you can buy a round or elliptical shaped bed.

Whatever the shape be as per your dog’s comfort and sleeping position, the mattress should be viscoelastic and should modulate as per your dog’s body pressure on the bed.

  • Size

This definitely depends upon your dog’s size and breed. Measure the dimensions of your dog before choosing to buy a memory foam dog bed.

If the bed is too small compared to your dog’s size, your dog may not sleep comfortably resulting in injuries, especially if the bed has a good height.

Also, buying a large-sized bed, almost twice the size of your dog, will end up causing a space crunch at your house or backyard.

Choose a size slightly but not extremely bigger than your dog, for it to fit in just right but have enough space to move and rotate on the bed.

  • Cover

The memory foam dog bed should have a removable cover for ease of maintenance and washing. When your dog climbs or sleeps on the bed, it is bound to get dirty if your dog chooses to eat on it.

In the worst cases, he may end up peeing or pooing on the mattress eventually spoiling it. Having a cover keeps the mattress protected and makes it easy to maintain the memory foam bed.

  • Thickness

They say, more the thickness, the better the comfort. Thick memory foam pads provide a more cushion-like and cozy feeling to your pet.

Although they may be heavier in terms of weight and price both, the comfort and durability they offer are unbeatable and worth the price.

  • Style (couch or bed style)

Memory foam dog beds are designed either in couch style or bed style. Couch style memory foam dog beds are small, compact and can be placed in your bedroom, balcony, backyard, on top of your couch, etc.

Couch style dog beds give a snuggly feeling for your dog to curl up and nest inside the couch for hours.

These types of beds are usually portable unless they have an excessive quantity of foam stuffed inside which increases the density of the bed.

Bed style memory foam dog beds are like regular beds with a memory foam mattress on top. These are large and more comfortable but eat more space in your house or room.

These types of dog beds are preferred only if you have a large-sized dog or dog breed which become large as they grow up.

These dog beds for large dogs are more spacious for your dog’s movements and also work for an adult, injured or ill dog. They can choose to rest on the bed all day with no discomfort.

What is Memory Foam?

Unlike any other foam, memory foam is made of polyurethane. This material is commonly found in mattresses, sofas, car seats, etc. Memory foam is also known as viscoelastic foam.

The type of viscoelastic foam depends on the manufacturing process, which changes the quality of the foam. Memory foam is usually very heavy and dense, yet very comfortable for your doggy to relax and sleep.

Density is a very important factor that determines foam quality and durability.

Memory foam also has elastic properties. It takes the shape of your dog and retains it without sagging. The foam is easily softened because of your dog’s body heat, which makes it more viscous.

Once your dog is done using the bed, the foam goes back to its original shape, thereby retaining its elasticity.

It supports your dog’s body and works best for old and arthritic dogs. These are long-lasting as compared to spring mattresses.

Types of Memory Foam

Memory foam bed mattresses are available in 3 types: traditional, open-cell and gel-infused. It is advisable to know which type suits your dog best, for them to sleep comfortably.

  • Traditional

Traditional memory foam molds as per your dog’s body shape and provide your dog with a comfortable sleeping experience.

This is extremely good for winters because it has tendencies of retaining body heat, but can get uncomfortable for your pet during high temperatures.

  • Open-cell

Open-cell memory foam provides better airflow through the mattress, making it suitable for all seasons and helps your dog stay cool.

Better airflow means better heat transfer from your dog’s body to the mattress, which helps in regulating and maintaining a comfortable temperature balance.

  • Gel-infused

As the name suggests, this foam mattress is pumped with gel. It is usually made of heat-absorbing or phase changing material.

This material is capable of absorbing heat from your pet’s body and releasing heat from time to time. The gel microbeads used in these foam mattresses increase the density of the mattress.

Why Do Dogs Need Memory Foam Beds?

Memory Foam Dog Beds help your dog in a lot of ways. Firstly, it helps by absorbing heat from your dog’s body. This helps in changing the shape of the memory foam mattress as per your dog’s shape.

The elasticity of the foam bed helps it retain its original shape. This viscoelastic property of the foam material helps your dog maintain a good posture and body shape while it sleeps.

These dog beds are suitable for elderly dogs. Old and aged dogs usually suffer from joint aches and pains that come with age.

Memory foam mattresses can give them firm support to sleep and rest. If your dog is overweight, memory foam mattresses provide them with good cushioning.

It is also suitable for dogs who have suffered from injuries or have hip, spine, or knee problems. They help by balancing the pressure of their joints and give them a cushiony effect for a good rest.

Also, if your dog is ill or sick and requires bed rest for a long time, then your dog must have a comfortable bed to avoid any further wounds or injuries.

If your dog likes to cozy beside you while sleeping or enjoys being covered inside blankets on your bed, then getting a memory foam bed for your dog would be a great investment and is sure to be liked by your pooch.


Is memory foam good for dog beds?

Memory foam mattresses are the best for any dog bed. Compared to spring mattresses, these are soft, more comfortable and durable.

Also called viscoelastic beds, they modulate as per your dog’s shape, taking up all your dog’s weight, pressure, and body heat while they sleep peacefully.

Memory foam mattresses support your dog well and are advisable for older dogs as well as dogs suffering from arthritis or orthopedic conditions.

What is the ideal thickness of a memory foam dog bed?

The thickness of the memory foam mattress for a dog bed should range anywhere between 6-14 inches. Ideally, the thicker the mattress, more the comfort it offers but the heavier it gets.

Choose one which is easy to clean and carry and whose shape suits your dog well.

How much does a memory foam dog bed cost?

A memory foam dog bed may cost anywhere between $30-$150. This depends upon the quality of foam used along with the thickness.

If you are looking for good quality at a great price, you can choose the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed which is priced anywhere between $35-$40.

For a basic looking bed or mattress, which is not too heavy on your pocket and serves the purpose, one can choose the BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed which also costs around $35-$40. 

Which is the Best Memory Foam Dog Bed?

If you and your dog are looking for comfort at a great deal, you can choose the Furhaven Memory Pet Dog Bed which is priced between $35-$40. The plush couch style design suits your pet as well as your home decor.

If you want the best cheap dog bed, you can choose the BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed, basic looking and serving the purpose just right, also costing anywhere between $35-$40.

If you are looking for a good quality bed and are ready to invest a few extra dollars, then the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is the best buy and ranges between $150-$160


Memory foam dog beds are a good supportive and preventive measure for dogs suffering from joint aches and arthritis.

These beds are available in various styles and designs and are made of soft and plush fabric to give your dog a cozy and snuggly experience. These beds also help relieve anxiety in your pet.

It is important to look out for specific features in the bed especially the size and thickness of the foam, which determine the comfort level of the bed.

These beds conform to your dog’s body shape, which helps in relieving pressure from joints and supports their posture.

You can choose from the range of best memory foam dog beds we have reviewed and let your dog sleep to glory, while he feels warm and cozy.


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