What to do When the Dog Poops in the Pool?

Keeping your pool clean is one of the toughest jobs especially when you have a pet around. You might successfully keep the pool hygienic and clean but we all know accidents happen.

Sometimes when you and your dog are spending some time in the pool, he might feel the urge to poop and with no warning, he poops in the pool. You know it’s not his fault after all he is just a dog.

What To Do When The Dog Poops In The Pool?

Follow the following steps to clean the pool

There are ways you can easily clean your pool. We will tell you about a few simple steps that will make your pool clean and hygienic.

  1. Close the pool and immediately get out the pool
  2. Arrange disposable gloves wear them and take out the poop with the help of bucket or net
  3. Do not vacuum the poop from the pool
  4. Try to clean the as much poop as possible with the help of bucket and net only
  5. Disinfect the item used to clean the poop
  6. Remove your gloves and wash your hands properly
  7. Raise the chlorine levels in the pool immediately and try maintaining it at 2ppm and maintain the pH level at 7.5 or less for at least 30 mins
  8. Check that the filtration system works properly
  9. Try not using the pool for the next 24 hours

Follow the same steps if it happens in a public pool and also keep the pool closed for 24 hours as it takes time to get cleaned and the chlorine level is also high in the water.

After 24 hours it is safe to use the pool again. Before you allow your dog to enter the pool again make sure he is done with his pee and poop session if you feel your dog might pee or poop in the pool don’t let him in.

Train your furry friend properly so you don’t have to clean the pool again and again.

Don’t forget to train your pet right from the initial stage itself for the poop and pee sessions. Once he gets trained properly you don’t have to worry about him jumping in the pool with you.

If you observe a certain kind of patterns like your pet poops or pee’s every time he comes in the pool with you even after following the pee and poop sessions you should stop letting him come inside the pool and get him a private dog pool instead that is much easier to clean and maintain.

Pro Tips: If your pooch is about to go into any kind of water that is deep enough for them to be unable to stand-in, you need to buy life vests for your pooch.

The Final Note

Lastly, we hope you spend a great time with your dog in the pool and if anything goes wrong; you know how to clean the pool properly.

Read and follow the above steps to make sure it’s safe to enter the pool again. Train your pet beforehand to make sure it is safe for you to let your pet in the pool. Share your view with the team of DogLovesBest.

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